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Nexion® Travel Group – 25 Years and 5,000 Members Strong

Written By: Jackie Friedman, President – Nexion Travel Group



In 1995, Nexion first emerged in the wake of airline commission cuts and began hosting travel advisors from agencies that were left questioning their business model. Nexion’s primary focus initially was to offer agencies an alternative to managing their own ARC fulfillment and GDS contract commitments.


Now, 25 years later and 5,000 members strong across North America, Nexion® Travel Group’s foundation and proven success demonstrate the perseverance and growing importance of independent travel advisors in an ever-changing industry.


In this time, Nexion Travel Group has transformed the way independent travel advisors are defined and viewed among both industry professionals and suppliers. As an industry frontrunner and thought leader, Nexion continues to evolve, and now more than ever, we offer tremendous opportunity and support for our members — full timers, part timers, storefront and independent — so they don’t have to go it alone.


Building a successful travel business requires increasing revenues and improving efficiency. Nexion Travel Group is the complete travel host agency for multi-advisor agencies, corporate agencies, experienced travel advisors and those new to the travel industry. We offer travel professionals enhanced earning opportunities, award-winning educational programs, robust networking opportunities, exclusive relationships with preferred supplier partners, and marketing and technology solutions to increase your agency’s revenue and save you time. Therefore, you can focus on what you do best — selling travel. When you partner with us, you can see both your bottom line and your satisfaction increase.


STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD with proprietary marketing and lead generation solutions

At Nexion Travel Group, we provide travel advisors the most modern and robust marketing capabilities to entice existing clients to travel more often and help agencies acquire new customers through innovative lead generation


Our goal, through exclusive, award-winning marketing programs, is to enable you to reach your clients in multiple ways, all while controlling which offers are sent to which clients. These proprietary marketing capabilities include cutting-edge lead generation solutions with online acquisition campaigns and our omnichannel Escape platform that puts your agency front and center with your clients and prospective clients.


Nexion has significantly expanded its consumer marketing program during the past two years and is continuing to evolve its comprehensive omnichannel Escape platform, designed to enable members to reach clients in all parts of the sales funnel. This comprehensive, best-in-class marketing program enables Nexion Travel Group travel advisors to reach their clients through a variety of channels with highly effective marketing messages that are branded with their agency name and contact information.


The Escape marketing platform, exclusive to Nexion Travel Group, includes Escape magazine, Escape Insider and the newly launched Escape into Luxury. Each runs on the Engagement marketing platform from Travel Leaders Network using the proven science of economic Cohorts, which looks at different demographic, psychographic and lifestyle categories to target and segment each consumer. There is no cost to Nexion members, and these permission-based marketing pieces are sent to highly targeted consumer clusters, on the travel advisor’s behalf, based on predictive analysis tools done behind the scenes. Each direct mailer and email are customized with the travel advisor’s agency call to action, customer name and additional personalization, which can make even the smallest agency look big to the consumer.



In addition to gaining marketing muscle through these exclusive marketing channels, as a member of Nexion Travel Group, you also have access to these marketing solutions:

  • Post your profile on a free, high-quality lead generation program, which pairs travelers with experienced travel advisors.
  • Gain an edge online, generate leads and power up your online presence with our website turnkey solution, included in your membership.
  • Capitalize on millions of dollars in preferred supplier marketing funds by sending personalized, targeted offers, as well as themed email campaigns, to your clients for free, many of which are exclusive to Nexion Travel Group members.
  • Track consumer email performance with stats like delivered, opened and clicked rates.
  • Maximize your reach with our free, exclusive social media programs that keep your digital channels updated with relevant, consumer-focused content with little to no work from you.


All this marketing is performed by Nexion Travel Group on our advisor’s behalf. We focus on the marketing, so you focus on what you do best, building relationships and selling travel.


SAVE TIME AND MONEY with efficient booking and back-office tools and technology

We support you with the technology tools that save you time and money and streamline the booking process, from multiple booking platforms, financial and administrative tools, an informational web portal, air-fulfillment packages and your choice of GDS and online programs, all to make the process simple.


Nexion Travel Group’s robust technology suite — myNexion®, powered by AgentMate — is designed for the modern seller of travel who is on the go and in the know. Our technology is integrated with our marketing, so we now can take unique offers, push it out to your website, include it in email marketing to your clients on your behalf and share it instantly on your social channels. In addition, you can instantly see which households are receiving marketing, along with the copy of the piece delivered. What’s exciting, is we now have a turnkey Mar-Tech solution that’s relevant, targeted, integrated and


Plus, with technology solutions that are easily accessible, you’ll also have the power to:

  • Quickly launch powerful booking tools for hotel, air, car, cruise and tour.
  • Manage your business through a robust Customer Relationship
  • Management (CRM) and lead management tool, included in your Nexion membership.
  • Connect with colleagues and gain valuable insights through the NexionTown online community.
  • Save time using our efficient back-office tools and an info-packed technology platform through myNexion.


EARN MORE MONEY with the industry’s highest commissions

Nexion Travel Group can empower you to increase your profitability through outstanding commission agreements, including impressive air contracts. When you are a member of the Nexion family, you earn up to 90 percent of commissions with 150+ air, cruise and land supplier partners and are paid twice a month via direct deposit. Nexion is constantly growing our preferred supplier partner portfolio to expand the commissionable offerings available to Nexion Travel Group advisors.


Access exclusive consumer offers and bonus commission opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. Sell from 4,000+ cruises and cruise group block space programs, many with exclusive amenities for your clients. Plus, complement Nexion Travel Group’s commissionable airline contracts with easy GDS access — Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre and Worldspan are all available.


DEVELOP YOUR EXPERTISE with award-winning business development, education and events

Success is an ongoing journey. Building a travel agency takes education, knowledge and skill. Industry trends are ever changing and hard for any one person to stay on top of. That’s where Nexion Travel Group’s award-winning educational programs can help you continually develop and grow yourself and your travel expertise.


Nexion helps every type of travel professional — leisure, corporate, beginners and experienced — develop their skills and increase their knowledge with comprehensive educational opportunities, including a variety of live, tested fundamental and specialty events, plus an award-winning international conference. We also offer special programs for new-to-the-industry advisors, including a program for U.S. veterans and a newly launched training track for travel advisors who plan to center their business around cruise sales.


In addition to a myriad of in-person educational events, Nexion Travel Group advisors have access to valuable educational programs covering Nexion programs, supplier products and general business skills through a 24×7 Learning Management System. Become the travel advisor clients come to and rely on because of your knowledge and skill.


BE PART OF A SUPERB TEAM and join supportive advisors, dedicated staff and industry experts

Creating valuable relationships is the core principle of Nexion Travel Group. With the unwavering support of our staff, fellow members and supplier partners on your side, on top of business development opportunities and mentorship programs, you’ll have the confidence and the connections to sell travel at your highest possible level and achieve more.


Nexion Travel Group’s dedicated and supportive staff will always have your back and will be there to help your agency seamlessly incorporate our easy-to-use programs into your business. Because so many professionals today are home-based, having a network of like-minded advisors in your region or who have similar business models or niches as you is paramount. As a Nexion Travel Group member, you will have exclusive access to a lifeline of support from fellow members and industry experts, including our formalized, local networking groups and our online social community where you can share best practices.


Furthermore, our advisors get the best support, because in addition to helpful Nexion staff, our members also have the support and resources of sister company Travel Leaders Network and investment and backing of parent company Travel Leaders Group — something no other full-service travel host agency can match!



Nexion Travel Group’s proprietary back-office support system is your go-to source for ticketing, operations, fulfillment support and marketing services, freeing you up to sell more travel and provide outstanding customer service to your traveling clients.


Our technology and marketing tools are designed specifically for independent travel advisors, making it easier for you to manage your business, market your value to clients and complete all your bookings quickly. Our suite of integrated tools work together to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and promote your agency’s growth.


Join our community of professionals focused on mutual success — and your agency can be more profitable, more professional and more efficient, through enhanced commissions, education, connections, support, technology and marketing tools, and so much more.


We come with an established industry reputation and are a fully licensed and accredited full-service host agency, backed by the buying power of our global parent company, Travel Leaders Group. Our premier start-to-finish solutions supply travel professionals across the country with best-in-class resources.


Whether you are a corporate, leisure, independent or full agency travel advisor who wants to reach your full earning potential, discover the many advantages we can provide you and your travel business. The difference is clear: Joining Nexion Travel Group is the best business decision you can make.


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