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New Booking System Entity Launches to Stop Booking Commission Losses

New Booking System Entity Launches to Stop Booking Commission Losses, and Generates 53,000 EUR For First Clients

July 2023 – Halki, a new integrated website booking itinerary system developed by a 23-year-old tour operator group has officially launched as a new entity, after proving to be a success for early clients


Within a few months of operating the platform generated revenues for three destination clients by saving them commissions fees and making their itinerary operations more efficient. With its innovative approach that priorities on a cost-effective solution, Halki aims to transform the way destinations, travel media and agents manage their booking systems.


Halki’s impact was immediately evident during the Portoroz Sparkling Wine Festival, where the reservation system generated 10,620 EUR in revenue while saving an estimated 4,000 EUR in fees. Another customer, the Green Slovenia Tourism Association, saw a remarkable 53,415 EUR in accommodation bookings through Halki, with an estimated savings of 10,683 EUR based on typical 20% commission charges.


Two tourist boards that were early adapters stated the platform included Aleksander Valentin, Director at Portorož Tourism board who stated, “created a bigger reach and much better capture of potential clients”, whilst Jana Apih, Director at Slovenia Green believes Halki will be “an efficient tool that will support our goals”.


The Halki Tour Operators & Agent Sales Booking System
Halki was developed by Happy Tours, a tour operator group with over two decades of experience in the industry. Recognising the challenges faced by businesses in losing substantial commissions and dealing with complex booking systems, Halki set out to build a more effective and integrated website platform for all websites.


More Profits, Easier Operations by Halki
Halki’s integrated website platform is specifically designed to prevent businesses from losing commissions, streamline administrative tasks, lower operating costs, reduce workloads, and ultimately increase income for tour operators and agents.

Combining Accommodation & Activities
Halki tackles the common problem of excessive commissions charged by intermediaries such as Viator and booking accommodation companies. By connecting directly with clients, Halki eliminates the need for these intermediaries, leading to significant cost savings.


Key Features of the Platform Include
The platform is designed to maximise operations time-saving by automating booking itineraries and reducing the need for daily calls. It reduces user activities, requiring fewer clicks to organise customer trips without incurring extra costs for any organisation. The platform’s process efficiency makes holiday packages more streamlined and enables faster package pricing, assisting customers in quicker decision-making. Additionally, it facilitates the distribution of offers, content, and information through other B2B distribution platforms. The software has been designed for easier accounting, integrating a global Stripe payment system for invoicing and financing.

Overcoming Common Issues
Halki addresses the challenges faced by tour operators, such as limited resources to organise more trips, intimidation by technology, inconvenient booking systems that don’t work well with partners, and high booking commissions. With Halki, businesses can take control of their platforms, decide costs, and offer easier last-minute deals.


About Halki

Halki is a reservation itinerary portal builder that empowers tour operators and agents to sell accommodations and activities directly to their clients, creating a seamless and profitable booking experience. No other system can combine experiences and accommodation like Halki. All your products are gathered in one safe place – activities, accommodation, events, and meals.


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