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Myth Buster: Host Agencies ARE for Experienced Travel Professionals


There’s a perception among many travel professionals that only agents just getting started in the travel business need a host agency. Working with a host agency when you’re new in your travel career is definitely helpful, because it can provide an introduction to the industry and many valuable training and coaching opportunities. But if you happen to be a seasoned travel professional, a host agency can be critical to the success of your business. Let’s examine some of these truths and myths:


TRUTH:  Experienced travel professionals want the best, including earning the best commissions. 


You work hard to make the sale, and that hard work should be recognized. With Nexion®, the travel industry’s premier full-service host travel agency, it is! We empower our members to build their business and increase their profits through the industry’s most lucrative commission agreements, including phenomenal air contracts.


As a member of the Nexion family, you will earn what a passionate travel professional should earn:  up to 90% of commissions with more than 140+ air, cruise and land supplier partners. You will also get paid twice per month, via direct deposit, and have access to exclusive supplier offers and cruise block space.


MYTH:  Experienced travel professionals don’t need training.


Clients come to you because of your knowledge and skill. Even if you’ve been in the travel business for years, the ability to keep up with industry trends and what’s new in the marketplace is key to success. Agents must evolve with it to remain knowledgeable and influential. Nexion makes it easy to work on your business from the inside out, cultivating your expertise and maximizing your profitability.


Nexion’s award-winning business development and educational programs allow even the most seasoned travel veteran to develop their expertise both professionally and personally, and mature in the business.


Plus, a critical component for success in today’s travel agency environment is differentiation and specialization. Nexion offers customized business development that match your needs, including specialty events in Groups, Romance, Luxury, Corporate Travel and Marketing, which come with a personalized business coach and tailored plan to take your learnings to earnings. In fact, we just concluded our Group Travel Sales Summit, and one of our high-producing, veteran members shared with us that he attended the summit with the goal of finding a different tour operator than his usual go-to supplier to help with a small, but complicated group. After meeting with several, he found the right one and posted a deposit on a $93,000 booking!


TRUTH:  Experienced travel professionals must continue to stay connected.


Creating valuable relationships is the core principle of Nexion. With the unwavering support of our fellow members, staff and supplier partners on your side — on top of mentorship programs and the ability to network and learn at national, regional and specialty events — you’ll have the confidence and the connections to sell travel at your highest possible level.


MYTH:  Experienced travel professionals don’t need to generate new business.


Even if you don’t want to grow your business or gain new clients, you do need the power to keep your agency top-of-mind throughout the year and stand out in the marketplace. Nexion provides the marketing muscle for you to showcase the latest travel offers and your value as a travel professional with exclusive offers from our supplier partners. Your ideal clients will benefit by the exclusive promotions they receive from your affiliation with Nexion.


Plus, we afford you amenities for your clients that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own, through programs such as cruise block space and specialty hotel programs.


TRUTH:  Experienced travel professionals want to work smarter, not harder.


Busy travel professionals need efficient technology solutions more than ever. A reputable, full-service host agency like Nexion will support you with the right tools to save time and money by helping you manage your business and simplify the booking process.


With instant and supported access to multiple booking engines, reporting and administrative tools, an info-packed Web portal, air fulfillment packages, your choice of GDS and powerful online programs, we take away the fuss of selling travel – making the whole process seamless and easy, and propelling your business forward.


TRUTH:  Not all experienced travel professionals are experienced.


You may have many years working in an agency with a huge book of business but are either now establishing your own business or simply moving away from brick-and-mortar environments to ones that are virtual. Owning a business – and all the back-office needs that go with it – are new to you.


Or, perhaps, you’re super experienced at selling dream vacations, but you don’t have the resources or expertise to improve profitability by increasing revenues and decreasing costs. The good news is Nexion can help even the most seasoned of travel professionals as they become business owners. Host agencies can be viewed as an extension of your business by providing back-office support, tools and technology, access to supplier promotions, enhanced earnings and ongoing educational opportunities. In addition, independent agents and brick-and-mortar agencies alike benefit from networking and exposure that comes with being a part of a larger organization.


So, let the truth be told – joining the right travel host agency will benefit even the most experienced of travel professionals!


Leveraging the buying power of our $21-billion parent company, Travel Leaders Group, powerhouse host agency Nexion has the finest resources for travel professionals of all experience levels and concentration. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the travel industry, the difference is clear. Joining Nexion is the best business decision you can make.


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