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My 2017 Business Resolutions


Written By: Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC



I always have the plan to set my New Year’s Business Resolutions in place before the end of the previous year, but somehow I miss that internal deadline year after year. The first week of the year is now upon me and I am finally ready to complete that list. Perhaps some of these resolutions will resonate and be useful to other entreprenuers like myself.




Running our own businesses can be a daunting task when you consider all the different roles we play. We get so busy with tasks like accounting, record keeping, communications, etc…, that we often forget that we won’t need any of those completed without new business on the books. I have to tell myself to either hire someone to help me with marketing or I am sure I will probably never get it off the to do list. So my resolution is to make more sales, however I have to accomplish that task.




They say that delegating is the key to a healthy work-life balance. If that is so then I need to work on my delegation skill-set. This has always been my number one work challenge throughout my entire career. I just hold far to many tasks in my “Oh, I can do it” place and I need to make the time to delegate some of my tasks so I have more time to complete my first resolution and more time to enjoy family.




I have lofty goals and I think I need to look at setting and assuring that I can accomplish those goals that are more realistic and achievable. Looking at today and where I might be able to see myself this time next year is a good start. I also think looking back at the previous years goals and seeing how things measured up then to now would be a good plan.




I am a planner. I love to set schedules and I often measure myself on meeting my deadlines. My plan is to take some time every week to review, change up and alter my plan for the following week. I will decide what worked the previous weeks and what did not work and use that insight to alter as needed.




At the travel conferences I attend, agents are always sharing how excited they are about all the new things they are learning at the event. They invest their valuable time to attend these events to learn new skills to build their businesses. What I do at Ogg Marketing Group is of course different then selling travel, so I need to find ways to learn new skills that will build my business. Perhaps I will make time each week to learn an new techie skill or enroll in a class at the Apple store to better utilize my various Apple products.




I think this might be one of the most important resolutions for me to focus upon this year. I seem to find it hard to free up time to do the things I really enjoy because I get so busy and bogged down with work. I know the previous delegation resolutions will help with this challenge I face. I resolve to try harder to find time to talk to myself and treat myself to something special. Special for me is time with my precious grand daughter Peyton Marie Ogg, so scheduling even more time to hang out with her is on my New Year’s Plan!


Happy New Year to all of you and may all your resolutions become reality in 2017 and bring you the most productive and successful years yet!