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More Than Half of Americans Planning at Least One “Micro-cation” This Summer

More Than Half of Americans Planning at Least One “Micro-cation” This Summer

A Quarter of Americans Will Take “Multi Micro-Cations” this Summer, According to Allianz Partners USA’s 14th Annual Vacation Confidence Index  



Richmond, Virginia, June 21, 2022 – Americans are looking to take quick getaways this summer, favoring a “micro-cation” versus the traditional week-long vacation, according to a new survey from Allianz Partners USA.  


Since coining the term in 2019, the travel insurance and assistance company has followed Americans’ intent to take a micro-cation, defined as a leisure trip at least 100 miles away from home that’s four nights or fewer in duration.  


According to this year’s 14th annual Vacation Confidence Index, more than half of respondents (53%) say their next vacation will be a micro-cation and almost a quarter (23%, up two points from last year) are planning multiple micro-vacations, aka ‘multi micro-cations,’ a new travel trend identified in last year’s Vacation Confidence Index.  

Seven in ten (71%, up from 67% last year) Americans will travel away from home between now and September for at least one night, and four in ten (39%, up from 34% last year) are planning multiple trips away from home this summer.  


The average number of trips Americans anticipate taking away from home this summer is 1.4, up from 1.2 last year. Younger Americans ages 18-34 (44%) and men (40%) are leading the multiple trips trend, planning two or more between now and September.  

The survey also revealed how spending habits change based on the duration of the trip. For one-night micro-cationers, the average anticipated spend is $606; for travelers planning a two-night getaway, the average is $410 per night. The anticipated average spend drops for three- and four-nights away, with a $325 average per night and $323 average per night, respectively.    


“The Summer travel season is here, and Americans are taking advantage of those banked vacation days,” said Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners USA. “Whether it’s a road trip, a getaway to the mountains or to the beach for some R&R, Americans are planning quick getaways, and many are planning multiple trips to help satisfy their desire for travel. For frequent travelers, an annual travel insurance policy covering a year’s worth of travel is a great idea, offering convenience and value.”  



The Vacation Confidence Index has been conducted each summer since 2010 by national polling firm Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of Allianz Partners USA.  


In March 2021, Allianz Partners announced enhancements*** to many of its travel insurance products in most states through an Epidemic Coverage Endorsement. Products that include this endorsement may provide coverage to customers who become ill with COVID-19 or a future epidemic, are individually ordered to quarantine, or are denied boarding due to a suspected illness. These products also may cover emergency medical care and transportation or provide reimbursement for change fees and loyalty points deposit fees if the customer becomes ill with an epidemic disease. Availability of the Epidemic Coverage Endorsement, and specific covered reasons under that endorsement, varies by product and by state. See your plan for details. 


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