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Monograms Unveils 2020 Vacations to Exotic Destinations

Monograms Unveils 2020 Vacations to Exotic Destinations

LITTLETON, Colorado – August 22, 2019 – Going to a far-flung destination is always exciting, but today’s travelers demand more from their experience. In addition to seeing the world’s “must see” sites, they want a real sense of place, of people and of the cultures they’re visiting. That’s not an easy task for the average independent traveler. At least it wasn’t easy, until now. Monograms – part of the award-winning Globus family of brands – invites people to travel the world independently, with local, expert help in each destination.  And in 2020, Monograms is expanding its diverse vacation portfolio with eight (8) NEW vacations in such exotic destinations as China, Peru, the Galápagos, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala and even, Antarctica.


“If you’re new to a destination with no local friends or family, it’s difficult to get an authentic impression – at least it is if you don’t have time to log countless hours of research,” said Steve Born, chief marketing officer at the Globus family of brands. “Monograms is the solution. With Monograms, travelers get private guided sightseeing in each city and VIP access to must-see landmarks. They also enjoy the on-site services of a local expert – a Monograms Local Host – who is on-hand to offer insight into the local culture and customs.  He or she is there  or travelers to use – as a local expert, guide and problem-solver – as much, or as little, as they like.”


In addition to the on-site services of a Local Host, Monograms offers a choice of hotels in centrally located neighborhoods and transportation between cities and countries, but that’s not all. As part of every Monograms itinerary, travelers also enjoy included and optional excursions.


Excursions include everything from city sightseeing to off-the-beaten-path adventures like taking a chairlift to the peak of Cerro Campanario for panoramic views of the Andes Mountains; entering Machu Picchu – and all its glory – at sunrise; hiking through Tierra del Fuego National Park in Antarctica and even partaking in a noodle-making demonstration in Xi’an.


“Simply put, Monograms offers travelers a better way to see and experience the world,” said Born. “And the help and guidance Monograms provides is even more meaningful and valuable in exotic destinations like Asia and South America. For 2020, no one has the range of Peru vacations and experiences Monograms affords travelers.”


Monograms is growing its exotic travel portfolio for 2020 with eight (8) NEW locally hosted vacations. They are:




  • NEW Heart of China & the Yangtze River (12 days)




  • NEW Peru: A Luxury Adventure (9 days); including a journey aboard the famous Belmond Hiram Bingham Train with a four-course gourmet dinner.


  • NEW Exploring Darwin’s Galápagos (9 days)


  • NEW Argentina & Chile’s Lake District (9 days)


  • NEW Andean Journey (11 days)


  • NEW Voyage to Antarctica (11 days), including a luxury expedition cruise aboard the Ocean Atlantic with expedition staff, naturalists and scientists.


  • NEW Best of Guatemala & Costa Rica (12 days)


  • NEW Peru’s Amazon & the Andes (14 days)


Monograms’ most popular exotic itineraries for 2019 are: Peru Highlights, Costa Rica Wonders and the Best of Japan. Monograms vacations can also be found in every major city in Europe; on private safari in Africa as well as across the globe in Australia and New Zealand.