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Mobile World – How to be Prepared for the Mobile Evolution


Written By: Andy Ogg – Editor for Travel Professional NEWS®



How did you send your last email? How did you check the weather for the upcoming weekend? What did you use to find a restaurant for dinner on Friday night?


Statistically, the odds are tipped to the side of you having used a mobile device for the above. In fact, recent reports would lean toward the findings that this is being read on a mobile device. Is it?


The word “mobile” has so many different meanings and we are going to look at the trend of mobile use and how it can be used to aide your businesses success. The proof is in the facts and the reality that 70% of U.S. individuals are now using a smart phone to create, view and share information with the world is all the proof we need to see a trend that is bound to stick.


As a Travel Professional, it is important to see these trends and not only embrace them but utilize them to assist with the growth and success of your business. Mobile is here to stay and the more it is embraced by you and your team, the more you can expect to see new customers and increased growth.


Here are three easy steps that will help keep your business up to date.


  1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:  

According to SmartInsights, 53% of all web searches, browsing and research was on a mobile device as of July (2015). If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you aren’t getting the traffic that you should due to Google’s Mobile Policy that went into effect on April 21st, 2015. In essence, Google will list mobile friendly sites before yours in a search pertaining to your business. To say that you have a website isn’t enough any more, you need a website for desktop, mobile, and even tablet forms now-a-days.


Now there is work involved with this creation of a mobile friendly website. There are many companies and tools out there to assist you in the addition of the mobile friendly site to your current site, however, Adobe has released a product called “Muse.” Adobe “Muse” allows you to create your website, and then with a simply click, create a mobile friendly site as well, making the addition and process much easier to enjoy.


  1. Engage in Text Message Communication

Mobile phones aren’t purchased for the talk time minutes anymore, they are purchased for the amount of data you require and having a mobile device for your business could be a great asset for you and your team. Having a dedicated mobile device will allow for your clients to interact with you easily while traveling, allow for new customers to contact you via text instead of a phone call, and of course, it would allow for you to interact with your client base in a non-obtrusive avenue that would make your services unique and accessible!


Text messaging is much more than the old 160 character limit. They can contain links to web based content, images, and even documents. The ease and quickness can increase your ease of transaction and give your customers a one on one feeling that may make them a client for life. This is especially true in the Millenial generation who view text messaging as a true and legit form of communication. Relationships can start and end with this communication median so opening your business up on this avenue could prove great results.


  1. Create and Maintain Your Social Media Presence

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linked In, and whatever is next, stands to be just as important to your marketing and business visibility as your dedicated website. The reason isn’t because of your website not being the best, it’s because the search engines and browsing that occur now tend to favor these application based networks. Updating your social media outlets is important to keep relevance and a sense of activity.


Imagine finding a company that has their last Facebook post in July of 2013, would you engage in looking into them more or move on to someone who has a post from yesterday?


The truth is that your website is the goal and it takes all of the social media outlets, searches, and hashtags to get them there. Without the puzzle pieces on the table, the puzzle will never be complete.


The only constant is change in our world and embracing the change can not only lead to success but once the learning curve is complete, it may ultimately lead to higher productivity for your business. The growth of business isn’t a mathematical equation, it is a testament of passion, drive and dedication. Let’s all cheers to our passion and continue moving forward in this world of evolution.