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Making the Most of VAX’s Travel Inspo Tool Kit

Making the Most of VAX’s Travel Inspo Tool Kit - Tools focused on Assisting and Empowering Travel Professionals in 2024! - Written By: Samantha Anderson, Editorial Intern - VAX VacationAccess

Tools focused on Assisting and Empowering Travel Professionals in 2024! 

Written By: Samantha Anderson, Editorial Intern – VAX VacationAccess


In the never-ending age of digital evolution, social media is an undeniably valuable resource with its marketing prowess. Despite all the good it’s able to do in its ability to reach new audiences and expand business opportunities, coming up with creative captions, hashtags and posts can be daunting. Easing the stresses of navigating social media, the Travel Inspo Tool Kit by VAX VacationAccess is here to help spark some ingenuity and get travel advisors’ socials up and running.


The Importance of Getting Online

Inevitably, social media can often become an afterthought as the chaos of everyday life keeps us distracted. However, because of social media’s extensive capabilities, it’s important to not overlook this tool — interacting with followers, posting engaging content, building relationships with other businesses and staying consistent are some of the facets of social media advisors should focus on in order to build a strong online presence. With a little bit of patience, an advisor’s name and business will spread through mutual connections, shoutouts and reposts, all of which expand their network and growth opportunities.


How the Travel Inspo Tool Kit Can Help

Located under the “Resources” tab on the VAX homepage, the tool kit covers a variety of categories that exist to provide content inspiration and get those creative juices flowing.



The “Supplier Shareables” section is filled with downloadable images that are perfect for sharing enticing industry deals and brand information with clients online. The graphics are only as good as they are eye-catching, so do it in style with these captivating posts provided by VAX’s suppliers.

Advisors will also find “Social Media Posts” and “How-To” sections, which offer an abundance of information including detailed instructions for posting on Facebook and Instagram, examples of post copy and hashtags as well as downloadable content images. There are plenty of engaging options advisors can choose from to post on their socials.

True to the nature of the business, travel is fun, and the tool kit has advisors covered there too. The “Inspomemes” and “Memes” sections provide a quirky array of memorable images, and sharing these can be another engaging way to spice up the feed. Of course, there’s always the added bonus that posting trendy content shows an advisor is “in the know,” a compliment that always bodes well for a reputation.



The Travel Inspo Tool Kit also has sharable articles under “The Compass” tab. One-click share buttons are published on every article, allowing advisors to post the content on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest and email. Article URLs can also be copied and pasted anywhere, which means that the content is easily accessible no matter the platform. The shareable content covers everything from destination exploration to travel guides and industry news, ensuring that there’s always a variety of topics to post about.

VAX recently kicked off a collaboration with Solstice Collective, which means the tool kit now has even more inspirational content to choose from as well as a new “Reels” tab.