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Author Information: Ron Fenska, VP Sales, Fathom Travel



Are your clients looking for a different type of travel experience? Are you interested in reaching a new market of travelers that want to combine their love of travel with their desire to find meaning and significance? Do you work with affinity groups, individuals or families who want to have shared travel experiences with other like-minded travelers and community?


Fathom, the newest and 10th brand of Carnival Corporation & plc, is pioneering a new concept in travel. The Fathom experience uses a small ship to take you into the heart of a destination like the Dominican Republic or Cuba, where you can explore local communities and discover the people in unconventional ways and for longer amounts of time.  We believe that by harnessing and leveraging the resources and infrastructure of the world’s largest travel company and collaborating with established partners in the places we visit, we can create a sustainable and scalable experience that benefits both local communities and travelers.


Fathom is designed to unite and inspire in a world that lately seems so divided.   There is no doubt that we are stronger together.  And that togetherness is an important part of this journey for travelers and for locals.  Thoughtfully tailored, fun and engaging onboard programming, combined with our long-term vision of expanding possibilities in both the lives of the travelers and the communities which we touch allows Fathom travelers to harness their collective impact and contribute to something much bigger than themselves. All while contributing to Fathom’s story and making history as part of a brand new travel brand!


What sets Fathom apart in a world of travel experiences is its shared-value partnership model going deep within a community.  Since trips are systematic and ongoing, Fathom is able to be part of a much bigger story with partners.  Fathom builds a long-term partnership model with local communities and partners, versus a one-time trip. Fathom is also set apart by providing accessible cultural exchange and learning trips, further enhancing the experience in one place.


Fathom selected the Dominican Republic as its first social impact destination based on the potential in the region and the shared vision of the local communities and partners. The average household income in the Dominican is about $6,000 a year and more than three million people do not have access to piped water. However, the country has a strong infrastructure for potential impact including proven community development organizations with deep roots in the country.


Fathom worked closely with two of these groups, along with various other stakeholder groups throughout the country – Entrena and the Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral, Inc. (IDDI) – to identify the areas of greatest opportunity.  From there was alongsided collaboration to undertake a range of projects focused on education, environment and economic development that would further meaningful, long-term and sustainable impact. Depending on travelers’ interests, passions and desires, they can engage for parts of up to three days on adventures and social impact projects they care about.


“We have seen tangible and meaningful benefits thanks to Fathom travelers,” said David Luther, executive director of Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral (IDDI), Fathom community partner. “Revenues have increased, wages have gone up accordingly and we’ve given hard-working and enterprising Dominican women a workshop to stay close to their families. The quality of work life has been greatly enhanced for the women who work there – and that’s after just eight sailings. When we look at the potential long-term impact, it’s amazing to think what might be possible.”




The journey begins in Miami as travelers board the 710 person MV Adonia which was recently refurbished and Fathom-ized in March of 2016. The Adonia is home base during the 7-day trip to the Dominican Republic or Cuba. The small ship environment creates an intimate and playful space for travelers to unwind, reflect, relax and connect with others while enjoying state-of-the-art amenities like a spa, pool, gym and carefully crafted programming. It’s an extension of the on-ground experience and an opportunity for further cultural immersion and engagement.


Our Impact Guides are the face of the Fathom experience and your go-to for just about everything. They guide travelers through the experience, making sure every person is having a great and also prepared, comfortable, and confident about the impact activities and excursions in DR and cultural experiences they choose in Cuba. By leading onboard workshops and activities, Impact Guides help strengthen your sense of self, community, and social innovation. You may even find them leading an impromptu dance party or karaoke competition or dressed as a colorful Superhero.




Located along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata is a hidden gem in a country usually known for all-inclusive resorts or it’s bustling capital to the South. Puerto Plata is a place of exquisite beauty, with 60 miles of turquoise coastlines, lush mountain ranges and a lively culture with friendly locals. It is no surprise that Travel & Leisure Magazine named the region as one of the best places to travel in 2015.




When the Adonia docks at Amber Cove, travelers have three plus days and three nights to choose how they’ll spend their time. Experience true cultural immersion by participating alongside the local community in impact activities that support the environmental, educational and economic developmental vision of the Dominican people. You’ll also have plenty of time to explore the landscape, relax in Amber Cove, or make your own adventure.


IMPACT ACTIVITIES *Up to 3 impact activities are included in each Fathom journey. 

Student English Conversation & Learning

In partnership with Entrena


One of the skills most in demand by local employers is Basic English to support tourism and travel related jobs; however, a shortage of trained English teachers makes a formalized English learning curriculum difficult to sustain. You’ll cooperate with teachers and students on activities designed to create interest and excitement in the learning process and aid in language practice and retention.


Water Filter Production

In partnership with Entrena


In the Dominican Republic, more than 3 million people don’t have access to piped water. You can participate alongside locals in the entire filter-making process: gathering and mixing the raw materials, working the clay, shaping and firing the filters, testing the quality of the finished product, and distributing the new filters to Dominican families.


Concrete Floors in Community Homes

In partnership with IDDI


The common dirt floor is a genuine health risk; it picks up dust during the dry season and retains dampness and puddles in the rainy season.  These and many other health issues prevent families from a variety of things. Travelers will collaborate alongside local masons to mix concrete, and systematically pour new floors. You’ll help locals create a home and neighborhood they can be proud to maintain, and a healthy future for their families to thrive.


Creative Arts, Music & Sports

In partnership with Entrena


Be part of an innovative summer program designed to develop creativity, athletic ability, and life skills in a safe and fun environment. In the mountains above Puerto Plata, this 3-day camp engages students in hands-on arts & crafts, dramatic presentations, sports and nutrition activities, and essential practice of the English language.  Many kids don’t stay engaged in school and don’t have access to diverse curriculum, so these activities further support keeping kids engaged in school and driving towards healthy futures.


Reforestation & Nursery

In partnership with IDDI


Pot tree seedlings, plant trees or transport plants, while establishing and managing nurseries with the locals. Your efforts will restore degraded land and contribute to conservation.


Recycled Paper & Crafts Entrepreneurship

In partnership with IDDI


An enterprising group of Dominican women have formed RePapel, an association that creates and sells arts and crafts from locally recycled paper. You can take part in the entire paper recycling process, create new products for sale. Your collaboration will help provide these women with a steady source of income, not to mention sharpen their English language skills, which will help them sell their products more effectively.


Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative

In partnership with IDDI


In a region with limited employment opportunities, one local women’s cooperative is actively involved in the cultivation of organic chocolate (cacao) plants—an important source of income in Puerto Plata. You participate in the complete production cycle: planting and cultivating organic cacao trees, preparing raw materials, and producing and packaging the final product for sale.


Community English Conversation & Learning

In partnership with Entrena

The Dominican Republic’s growing tourism industry is in need of bilingual speakers.


Help bolster employment opportunities by participating in Community English Conversation & Learning activities. These small group programs take place within community centers and local homes.




Now is the time to travel to Cuba, be part of making history and experience the diversity of Cuba!  Fathom has unparalleled value and offers the Adonia’s beautiful small-ship environment and intimate community.  Travelers get an up close and personal look at the rich fabric of Cuban society as they connect with local artists, musicians, business owners, and families in the cities of Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Cienfuegos.


Fathom trips to Cuba are authorized by the U.S. Government under one of the 12 legal forms of travel to Cuba: People to People Cultural Exchange. We’ve created a thoughtful cultural immersion experience with a bevy of onboard and on ground activities to choose from that allow our travelers to experience the sights and sounds of this beautiful country to the fullest.  Fathom travelers can now enjoy on-ground programs with Fathom or head off on their own for activities that qualify as People to People approved.  While our ship, travels from port to port, relax by the pool, take a salsa lesson, or learn how to make the perfect Cuban cocktail.


You’ll enjoy all the amenities of a modern hotel, plus the convenience of unpacking just once–so unlike other travelers we meet along the way, Fathom travelers never waste time considering where they’ll eat or sleep or how they’ll get from one location to the next in a country whose infrastructure continues to evolve. We’ll even take care of your visa and medical insurance. Less time planning = more time exploring, and trust us, you’ll want to cherish every single minute you spend in Cuba and take advantage of all the opportunities for fun and learning onboard to get the best experience while you’re in this remarkable destination.




Cuba’s colorful capital is probably best known for the Spanish-influenced architecture of Old Havana. But its historic castles, fortresses, cathedrals, mansions and public buildings vie for attention with the city’s lively music and entertainment scene—an eclectic and sophisticated mix of museums, art galleries, music, dance, and open-air festivals that take full advantage of the island’s sunny Caribbean climate.



The coastal city of Cienfuegos, the center of Cuba’s sugar, tobacco, and coffee trades, is known to Cubans as “The Pearl of the South.”  It won’t take you long to see why the city’s historic center, with its remarkable collection of French-influenced Neoclassical buildings, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.



The distinctly Caribbean spirit of Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba, is evident in every aspect of the city’s cultural life. Boasting some of the country’s most visited historic sites, Santiago de Cuba is also home to the popular festivals of Carnaval and Fiesta del Fuego as well as the country’s most famed musicians and artists.



One of the most exciting things about the ongoing Fathom experience is that each traveler’s journey plays into a much bigger story. We are, together, creating a huge ripple of hope and possibility that will positively impact the lives of travelers and Dominicans alike for generations to come.


Take advantage of our Inaugural rates. Fall departures start at just $249 for the Dominican Republic and $1500 for Cuba for a limited time.


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