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Leading Private Jet Company Air Charter Service Shares Summer Luxury Travel Insights

Leading Private Jet Company Air Charter Service Shares Summer Luxury Travel Insights

Private Air Travel is on the Rise with a 75% Increase in Inquiries from Last Year* North America Continues to Dominate the World of Private Aviation Wealthy Americans Head to U.S. Beaches and Mountains


NEW YORK, NY JULY 15, 2020 – As American travelers begin to emerge from lock down and feed their inner wanderlust, new factors have emerged as top priorities including health, space, privacy, and flexibility.  The world’s largest aircraft charter broker, Air Charter Service has reported an increase of 75% year-on-year in inquiries during May and June 2020*. With many commercial flights still struggling to come back to normal levels and routes, private air travel provides a secure and hygienic means to get from home to vacation.


This summer season, travelers can avoid busy airports and stay within their ‘bubble’ of close family and friends. In the post-COVID-19 landscape, where much of the world feels inaccessible, Air Charter Service can facilitate tailored flights to destinations that are not currently serviced by commercial flights, or beautiful, remote places only reachable by private jet like Catalina Island southwest of Los Angeles, Martha’s Vineyard, Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas and Anguilla.


“We have been arranging private jet travel for existing clients as well as new clients who are looking for a better way to travel than commercial and more peace of mind.  With the current pandemic, those who normally travel in first class commercially are elevating their experience with personal well-being in mind, especially for older clients who have more health concerns,” said Richard Thompson, president of Air Charter Service Americas. “It’s a more streamlined process to get from A to B, whether that’s for business or leisure.  The greatest number of private aircraft users are North Americans and half of our calls are from new customers.”


Leading aircraft broker Air Charter Service shares its insights on where US travelers are headed, what is important to them and summer travel trends for post-lockdown trips:


Mountains and beaches beckon wealthy Americans

Multi-generational families or small groups are escaping bustling cities and heading to vast outdoor open spaces including wilderness areas and mountains or the white sandy beaches of exclusive islands like Tortula, Antigua, or Saint Martin.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Bozeman, MT and Aspen, Colorado top the list for West Coast travelers, many on their way to an extended escape to a second home.


East Coast travelers are headed to their own sunny retreats in south Florida like Palm Beach or across the country to California.  Midwest travelers, many enjoying retirement, head to Naples on Florida’s west coast.



Beyond the U.S. border


With country borders slowly reopening to American travelers, the top three international destinations for inquiries are about travel to Tulum, Cabo San Lucas and The Bahamas.  According to ACS, travelers are headed to Tulum for its family friendly environment, Mayan ruins and luxury resorts and homes. West Coasters are inquiring about Cabo San Lucas, a popular escape with endless beaches, golfing and surfing.  Many who travel to The Bahamas connect with private yacht charters and spend about a week to ten days there.  However, during the pandemic, travelers are opting to stay for a month or the entire summer.


Who is the Private Jet Customer?


The private jet industry, once exclusively for UHNW individuals, is a growing and more attractive way to travel during what is expected to be an extended COVID timeframe, and as the global population begins a slow return to the skies.  Key considerations in selecting private jet travel over commercial air include personalized VIP service, privacy, avoidance of crowds and lines, easy terminal access, onboard social distancing and hassle-free security checks.  Topmost though is less exposure to potential pathogens and germs.  The new private jet customer is someone who used to travel first class exclusively but is no longer comfortable on a commercial flight. Clients are arranging travel for their senior parents who have existing health concerns. Popular jet requests range from 12-seaters to accommodate an inner circle of friends and multi-generational families to aircraft able to fly at and upwards of ranges of 7,500 nautical miles.  Many clients also utilize private aircraft to fly routes that cannot by flown on commercial flights.


*Time period May and June 2019 vs. May and June 2020





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