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Launch of WorldVia PRO’s New Tech Features (Including AI) from WorldVia Travel Group

Launch of WorldVia PRO’s New Tech Features (Including AI) from WorldVia Travel Group

WorldVia Travel Group Launches New WorldVia PRO Tech Features


Nov. 6, 2023 – Atlanta – WorldVia Travel Group, a leading travel brand and host agency in the United States, has released new tech features for WorldVia PRO, the company’s travel business-management technology platform for members of Travel Quest Network. The new features release will allow member travel agents and advisors to benefit from a wide range of innovative, cost-free tools that provide a streamlined approach to website development and personalized travel management for clients. The multifaceted technology release marks the most comprehensive platform update since WorldVia PRO’s launch in January 2022.


The concept behind WorldVia PRO is to serve as an inclusive online tool for travel business entrepreneurs to power and manage their businesses. The tech platform enables travel advisors to organize and simplify their business practices, create marketing content through artificial intelligence (AI) features, grow their target audiences, manage client relationships, and sell more travel.


At the top of the new features list is WorldVia PRO’s “Site Builder” tool, which permits Travel Quest Network members to create custom travel agency websites tailored to their individual business strengths, expertise and interests.


“Personalization and authenticity are key to selling travel right now, and ‘Site Builder’ equips travel agents with a simplified means to build and market a compelling online presence that showcases their unique specializations in creating, planning and managing incredible travel experiences for their clients,” said Joshua Harrell, chief revenue officer with WorldVia Travel Group. “We designed ‘Site Builder’s’ layout options with the intent of sales conversions, helping travel advisors successfully market themselves and their specific selling propositions to attract new business and establish lasting client connections.”


This intuitive website builder program offers a range of features, including easy-to-use design tools, robust AI-fueled content management capabilities and customizable information sections, presenting travel professionals with a simple way to bring one’s distinct travel business to life on a single webpage. Those using “Site Builder” can utilize these features to tailor their web content in a way that shines a spotlight on their travel planning specialties, such as types of travel, travel brands, travel interests and popular destinations.


“Site Builder” offers an additional webpage template for writing and publishing blog content, which allows travel agents to further inform, inspire and engage with future business leads. WorldVia PRO users can also apply the platform’s “Content Creator” software to generate unique travel advisor profiles and social media content with just a few clicks. A key benefit is the ability to use the features to easily craft messages and create written copy that resonate with their target audiences.


Travel advisors using “Site Builder” have the exclusive opportunity to synchronize their customized websites to the “Agent Showcases” page on, the company’s travel website for consumers. This innovative feature enhances the visibility of travel agents by allowing consumers to find expert guidance that aligns precisely with their travel desires and needs. The integration between “Site Builder” and “Agent Showcases” empowers travel professionals to effortlessly establish their consumer-facing profiles, expand their audience reach, and generate new business and further growth.


WorldVia PRO’s new features release is also highlighted by the launch of the platform’s “Trips” section. This new CRM tool was designed to help members better engage with leads and clients through a seamless, all-encompassing itinerary builder. Agents can use the feature to design, manage and propose travel experiences that suit their clients on a personal level.


“We created ‘Trips’ to make the lives of travel advisors easier and more productive, enabling them to provide exceptional service and unforgettable journeys to their clients,” said Harrell. “The new feature marks a significant milestone in our efforts to better streamline travel management and deliver more bespoke experiences for travel advisors and their customers.”


The layout of WorldVia PRO’s new “Trips” manager provides travel advisors with the foundation for crafting trips they can tailor to fit the individual needs of their clients. Travel professionals can also build personalized itineraries with easy access to client information, travel preferences, relevant tasks, activity notes and more.


“Trips” gives users the additional advantage of turning itineraries into packaged, consumer-oriented proposals that present visually appealing previews of their clients’ specific travel adventures. These proposals can be customized with destination-related narratives, photos, personalized welcome messages, trip highlights, reservations and planning details, and closing notes for sealing deals.


“WorldVia PRO’s “Trips” feature was designed to help travel planners organize trips and streamline the entire sales process from start to finish,” said Harrell. “It makes managing the sales pipeline faster and easier, converting prospects into customers and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.”


The new innovations to WorldVia PRO supplement the platform’s aim to provide travel advisors and agency owners with a comprehensive, integrated suite of business tools that empowers them to build and grow their businesses and sell more travel through cutting-edge technology unified with personalized and expert support. Member travel agents and advisors of Travel Quest Network can discover more information about the newly released WorldVia PRO upgrades at


Prospective Travel Quest Network members interested in WorldVia PRO’s new features can learn more about membership and other key benefits by visiting