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July 2019 News for Travel Agents

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In This Issue:

Avoya is Changing the Face of Travel

Written By: Sam McCully, Senior Vice President of Marketing – Avoya Travel®


Interview: TRAVEL2 – Dedicated 100% to Travel Advisors and Their Clients

Written By: Andy Ogg, CTIE, Editor and Marketing Director – Travel Professional NEWS
Interviewing: Stephen Marshall, President – TRAVEL2


A Sneak Preview of CruiseWorld’s Exciting Content

Written By: Mary Pat Sullivan, Content Director – Travel Weekly Events


Interview: Royal Caribbean Supports Travel Professionals

An Interview By: Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC, Co-Founder– Travel Professional NEWS
Interviewing: Vicki Freed, CTC, Senior Vice President of Sales, Trade Support and Service – Royal Caribbean International


Online Conversations – Navigating the Digital Jungle Without Getting Mud on Your Boots

Written By: Amber Miller, Director of Digital Learning and Development – OutsideAgents.com


READY, SET, GROW – Prospecting Acceleration: Honing Your Luxury Travel Sales Skills through Effective Networking

Written By: Cris De Souza, Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Nexion Travel Group


Ultimate All Inclusive – Marival Resorts

Written By: Geoff Millar, Owner – Ultimate All Inclusive Travel


Simply Sales with Scott – An Agent or an Advisor – Your Choice

Written By: Scott Koepf, Vice President of Strategic Development – Cruise Planners


Website Tools for Independent Contractors and Host Agencies

Written By: Jeanne Colombo, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships – Passport Online


Customer Relationships in a Digital Age

Written By: Lee Zanello, General Manager – Independent by Flight Centre


Cooks Corner – Grow an Email List of Raving Fans


The Journey in Obtaining a CTIE from The Travel Institute

Written By: Andy Ogg, CTIE, Editor and Marketing Director – Travel Professional NEWS


Take a Hard Look at the Soft Skills that Boost Your Sales

Written By: Diane Petras, CTIE, President – The Travel Institute


Agent Spotlight: Putting All The Pieces Together

Written By: Ronda Helton, Owner – The Travel Connection Group


How to Choose Your Travel Agency Business Name in 201

Written By: Tom Ogg


Overcoming Fear in Your Clients

Written By: Jesse Morris, Owner – We Book Travel LLC 


Travel Professional Community

15,000 Travel Professionals and Growing


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July 2019

With Summer officially upon us, I want to take a second to wish YOU a Happy Summer. It’s a great time of the year to enjoy the fruits of your labor and the success you’ve created so far. Go outside, go for an adventure and enjoy the flexible lifestyle you’ve created!


In this July issue of Travel Professional NEWS, we are joined by Avoya Travel, a premier Host Agency, who shares some fantastic information regarding Avoya’s commitment to continuous innovation in the Travel Industry and how that has evidently lead to a brand identity evolution and over 54 years of success.


TRAVEL2 is 100% in support of Travel Professionals and I had the chance to speak with the President, Stephen Marshall, about what that means, as well as some insights into TRAVEL2’s top performing packages so far in 2019.


Through these pages, we are joined with the best in the industry who dive into how to maximize your digital marketing efforts. With website insights, courtesy of Jeanne Colombo, client relationship advice from Lee Zanello and a guide for navigating the digital jungle with Amber Miller, there is a wealth of valuable, useful and powerful information, sure to assist you in your efforts of growing your Travel Agency.


While attending the recent Avoya Travel Conference, Joanie Ogg had the opportunity to sit with Vicki Freed, CTC, Senior Vice President of Sales, Trade Support and Service for Royal Caribbean International and discuss the recent “amplified” ships, including the Navigator of the Seas. If you weren’t aware of the support that Royal Caribbean is offering to Travel Professionals, you may be very surprised at what’s available.


Thank you for being the best part of Travel Professional NEWS and we appreciate your time, comments and support.


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