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Introducing Entriva: A New Visa And Travel Document Experience To Make Global Travel Simple And Stress-Free

Backed by CIBT’s 30+ years of travel expertise, Entriva is designed to streamline global
travel planning.

NEW YORK, NY (October 11, 2023) – CIBT, the leading global provider of corporate travel visa and immigration services, today announces a new brand,Entriva, a unique digital travel solution to enable a simple and stress-free travel visa and passport experience for the everyday traveler. Entriva provides travel services to over 190 destinations.


Entriva comes at a time when global travel is on the rise, up more than 200% versus 2022, and travelers are experiencing complex travel planning challenges, including new and mandatory documentation, such as entry cards and visas. Countries are swiftly introducing new entry requirements, which can be difficult and time consuming for travelers, often leading to frustration or cancellation of travel plans.


Entriva is backed by CIBT’s 30+ year history in providing travel and immigration services for 75% of Fortune 500 companies, business travelers, global travel management companies and high-touch clientele. “Entriva is not just a technology. Entriva is a movement to bring simplicity and peace of mind to an entire market of travelers who are struggling to find a solution for travel preparation,” said Marc Kaplan, CEO, CIBT.


The introduction of Entriva simplifies the travel planning and visa application process, allowing travelers to ‘breathe easy, journey better’, removing the stress from navigating complex global travel requirements. “Proprietary research showed us that travelers generally experience high stress levels when planning and preparing for international trips,” said Raksa Nazryk, Chief Product Officer, CIBT and President, Entriva. “Travelers describe the ideal travel document experience as one that calms anxiety and builds on the excitement of the trip. Drawing on the expertise of CIBT, designing Entriva for the consumer audience was a natural evolution for the company.”


Advanced technology, global presence, proprietary knowledge and real-time access to country requirements are at the core of Entriva’s power to deliver seamless, secure, and cost-effective travel preparation services. A simply designed digital experience minimizes application time and the number of required forms. And a personalized Entriva account provides convenient access to travel planning and status updates. Entriva travel experts are available throughout the application process, and all applications are validated by a combination of live experts and proprietary technology before submission.


Entriva’s services are sensibly priced for individuals, families and social groups traveling to one country or visiting multiple countries during their trip. Once you’re an Entriva customer, future visa applications auto-fill with previously supplied traveler information for even faster transactions.


To get started today or for more information, please visit or email[email protected].



About Entriva

Inspired by the power of travel, Entriva’s mission is to simplify and streamline travel preparation so travelers can Breathe Easy and Journey Better. Based in New York City and backed by CIBT, the leading global provider for corporate travel visa and immigration services, Entriva is focused on the needs of travelers, offering its services through a simply designed digital experience with industry-leading technology to take the hassles out of obtaining necessary visas and documents for travel to over 190 countries. Features include stress-free applications, global presence, dashboard access to individual visa processes, real-time status updates to provide peace of mind to travelers, as well as online access to travel document experts who has processed over 2.1 million visas in the last five years alone. Sensibly priced for leisure travelers, Entriva also offers secure payment processing via credit card, debit card, and various peer-to-peer services. For more information about Entriva, visit or follow Entriva on Facebook, Instagram,Pinterest, X (Twitter) and TikTok.


About CIBT

The leading global provider of immigration, visa and document services for businesses and consumers, CIBT draws on over 30 years of experience to smooth the path of international mobility by managing the complexities of a changing world for professionals and individuals alike. Founded in 1989 and globally headquartered in Washington, DC, CIBT taps the passion and expertise of nearly 2,000 immigration and visa professionals, attorneys, and qualified migration consultants located in over 60 offices in 27 countries to empower people and organizations to live, work, and travel through its global reach, local expertise, and customer-focused technology solutions. Services range from global immigration and mobility, visas and passports, legalizations, travel and document services and more. The trusted and primary service provider to 75% of the world’s largest companies, CIBT’s suite of services is offered under brands CIBTvisas, Newland Chase immigration services, Blair Consular Services, and Entriva. For more information, please visit and follow CIBT on LinkedIn,Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram.