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Interview: International Holidays – A Breeze to Boost Commissions

An Interview by:  Andy Ogg, CTIE, Editor and Marketing Director  – Travel Professional NEWS

Interviewing: Corinne Kaminski, General Manager – International Holidays



First off, thank you very much for the time today and for sharing your offering to our wonderful following of Travel Professionals!


For those of our readers that aren’t aware of International Holidays, can you share a bit of history about your business?

International Holidays has been in business since 1985 and has a wide selection of hotels near airports and cruise ports offering a one-night stay package including long term parking and roundtrip transfers to/from the local airport or cruise port. We also offer 15% commission to all travel agents! To view our hotels, visit


Our packages are great for those clients with an early flight or cruise. Our hotels allow clients to wake up near the airport refreshed without having to stress over weather or traffic. Most of our hotels are only minutes from the airport or cruise port and some even offer a free breakfast. Alternatively, if a client has a late inbound flight or cruise, many of our hotels offer the option of sleeping at the hotel at the end of their trip. Parking at the hotel is a great way to avoid the high price and headache of airport parking.


What three things would you like Travel Professionals to know about International Holidays and your offerings?

1. We pay 15% commission on every booking.
2. We offer a wide selection of hotels across the United States near airports and cruise ports.
3. Our packages can be added to almost any travel client’s vacation.


Do you offer any tools or educational opportunities to Travel Professionals?

In addition to being very friendly, our professional staff is also very knowledgeable about the hotel brands we offer and can help select the perfect hotel for clients. Our website also has a feature called “Client Email & Print Generation Tool” which is a quick way to get clients hotel and parking quotes without disclosing an agent’s commission.


Can you share what kind of commissions a Travel Agent utilizing your business can expect?

We offer 15% commission for each room booked with us. Our agents can also earn ‘Agent Rates’ on our packages which unlocks unbelievable savings.


With 2019 well underway, is there anything new on the horizon for International Holidays offerings?

Yes, we will be launching a revamped version of our website which provide agents a portal with full control of current and future reservations. This means 24/7 instant availability and more insight into an agency’s performance.


For our readers, can you share a few of your “hot tips” of selling your products as a Travel Professional?

The beauty of our product is it can be added to almost any of your client’s vacations. 15% commission adds up quickly. If you have clients that are booking vacation over the summer and honeymoon season, please try and reserve your room reservations with us as soon as you possibly can as our room inventory goes very quickly over this time period.


If a Travel Professional is interested in learning more about International Holdiays, where can they go to do that?

Travel agents are welcome to visit our website at any time to learn more about us and to see what perks there are for booking with us. We highly encourage agents to sign up free and we’ll even throw in a $20 gift card for new agents! We’re sure agents will love us and your clients will love you for recommending us. -Free sign up and no minimum bookings required.


In conclusion, I personally want to thank you for your time and information shared today. We look forward to hearing more about International Holidays in the future and appreciate your participation in our publication!