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Industry’s Education Leader Enlightens Consumers on Distinct Value of Certified Agents

Industry’s education leader enlightens consumers on distinct value of certified agents

An open letter to the industry from Diane Petras, CTIE, President, The Travel Institute



FRAMINGHAM, MA, August 31, 2021 – As an industry, we understand the value travelers gain when working with a travel agent. Along with saving time and often money, there is peace of mind, expertise, and much more travelers gain when working with a travel professional rather than booking on their own. The COVID crisis of the last 18+ months has certainly illuminated that value for countless travelers and for our industry.


And so, at this critical time when travelers want desperately to travel but are apprehensive about navigating ever-changing travel risks, options and protocols, the time is right for The Travel Institute to emphasize and educate consumers about the value certified travel agents bring to the travel planning process before, during, and after a trip. I believe successfully supporting travelers now will impact the reputation and success of agents for many years to come.


To be clear, there is a distinct difference between a travel agent and a travel professional. Anyone can hang out a shingle as a travel agent today, but saying ‘I’m a travel agent’ is very different from achieving and maintaining the level of education and experience needed to do the job well. Our goal is to create better agents and to help consumers find them. Doing so is particularly important during a time when travelers are so apprehensive and serves travelers, travel agents, and the travel industry all very well.


If we are successful in our efforts over the coming months, you will see mainstream media highlight the advantages of working with a certified professional agent, and I imagine our messaging will easily resonate with you as an industry stakeholder. We also intend to highlight our Certified Travel Agent Directory as a way to help travelers find, qualify and contact a certified agent.


Our mission as a non-profit, independent third party hasn’t changed. We build strong career professionals and educate our industry and consumers about their value. It’s clearer than ever—not all agents are equal. Truly professional agents are certified industry consultants able to navigate complex protocols, policies and fees, provide counsel on the fine print, and much more. People ask why use a certified travel agent, but I think the better question is why not? Cheers to the imminent return of travel and to the value our industry is capable of bringing to countless travelers around the world!


Stay safe and keep learning,




About The Travel Institute

A collaborative industry effort created in 1964, The Travel Institute® has continuously evolved to maintain its role as the global leader in industry education and certification while staying true to its mission: dedicated solely to advancing the professionalism of both agents and industry leaders in support of individual and industry success. A non-profit, independent organization, The Travel Institute also works with leaders throughout the industry to create and deliver relevant, meaningful and rigorous coursework. Using exclusive proctored, closed-book testing to ensure its graduates earn credentials that demonstrate the highest standards of expertise and service, The Travel Institute has certified more than 25,000 Certified Travel Associate, CTA®, Certified Travel Counselor, CTC®, and Certified Travel Industry Executive, CTIE®, graduates and also administers the Travel Agent Proficiency, or TAP®, exam to confirm students new to the industry demonstrate a mastery of travel industry basics. A trusted partner to industry suppliers and educational institutions, The Travel Institute has trained hundreds of thousands more through additional courses, webinars, and in its online Premium Access for members. Throughout North America, many successful agents and high-profile leaders credit their success to coursework from The Travel Institute. Learn more at The Travel Institute.