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Hurricane Season – Top Tips from Travel Professionals


With Hurricane Season upon us, keeping your clients safe and protected is key.‘s Recommended Host Agency, Oasis Travel Network shares some Top Tips from their Independent Agents to help.


1. Consider working with a travel consultant rather than booking on your own. Along with having direct contact with cruises, hotels, resorts and airlines, consultants are constantly staying on top of alerts to ensure the safety of travelers. 

Rene L. Emerson Huxtable


2. Insurance, insurance, and insurance!!

Shayne Merritt Messina


3. Trip Insurance, patience, and flexibility. Know that you might need to make last minute changes to your plans and your vacation might not go exactly as planned.

Nikki Miller


Los Cabos, Costa Rica, Panama and South America are good travel destinations during hurricane season if you’re looking to steer clear from hurricanes and enjoy warm weather.

Angela Tolman Shah


Cancel for ANY reason Waivers/Insurance – Don’t sell without it!

Donna Smith


The Southern Caribbean is a good vacation destination during hurricane season because it is less likely to be hit.

Denise Farmer-Smith