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How To Grow Your Travel Business with Groups


Contributed By: Dream Vacations


As a travel advisor, one of the most effective ways to grow your business is by tapping into the power of group bookings. These allow you to increase your sales volume, expand your client base, and build stronger relationships with your customers by accessing exclusive opportunities that may not be available to individual travelers. Group bookings are a powerful tool for you as a travel advisor – and by joining the Dream Vacations franchise network, you can leverage our enhanced group technology to soar to new heights.


What Can Groups Do for Your Business?

Expand to New Clients

Group bookings are an excellent way to connect with new clients – when you book a vacation for groups, you can identify yourself as the go-to travel advisor for everyone traveling with that group.


Get the BEST Value 

Many suppliers offer special incentives, such as bulk discounts and additional commissions, to allow you to earn more money while still providing incredible value for your clients.


Target Niche Markets

You can utilize groups to fill just about any niche – from class reunions to family gatherings, corporate team building, and aficionados of any hobby, sport, or music genre! This is an easy way to get your agency on the radar as the go-to travel advisor for consumers within those niches.


Why Dream Vacations?

Enhanced Group Resources

To make the most of your group bookings, it’s important to have the right tools and resources. With a Dream Vacations franchise, you can leverage our enhanced group technology to sell more groups and handle group bookings more efficiently.


How To Grow Your Travel Business with Groups


Our tools allow you to easily manage group bookings with highlights such as

  • Technology – The Dream Vacations Groups Application makes it easier and faster than ever to build out your group via our trailblazing technology. You can plan, sell, and manage group bookings – providing the best experience for you and your clients!
  • Group Share Program – allowing agents in our network to share group space with one another.
  • Block Space – The Dream Vacations corporate HQ team will purchase group space that can then be bought into by franchise owners in our network.
  • Group Marketing – We will provide you with the resources you need to advertise your group vacation and keep clients informed of how they can attain incredible value by booking with you.
  • Support Team – Our Group Operations Team is dedicated to one thing – supporting our franchise owners with group bookings throughout every step of the process!


Industry Powerhouse

Obtaining the most value from group bookings requires an excellent relationship with the supplier. Dream Vacations franchisees have become a part of the World Travel Holdings family – one of the most powerful players in the travel industry. Through our 30+ years of impeccable service, we have formed close relationships across all industry sectors, including every major cruise line and the most recognizable brands that travel advisors and customers have come to trust.


The Support You Need

At Dream Vacations, we’re proud to offer award-winning support to our franchise owners – helping them achieve their business goals and provide the best service to their clients. When you join the Dream Vacations network, you’ll have access to our training library of 1,500+ online courses covering every aspect of your travel business. Plus, you will have a dedicated business development manager that will provide you with one-on-one training and guidance as you strategize and grow your business.



Perhaps best of all, you’ll be joining a community of passionate travel lovers who are dedicated to connecting clients with their ideal vacation experiences. The Dream Vacations network – composed of over 1,700 franchise owners – is a true family, here to assist and care for each other.


Group bookings are an excellent way to grow your business, and with a Dream Vacations franchise, we’ll set you up for success. You can use our powerful partnerships in the travel industry and our technology that make selling group travel easier than ever. Plus, every Dream Vacations franchisee has access to our best-in-class support – with training, business development, marketing, and booking guidance, you’ll need to achieve your goals.


It’s time to leverage the power of Dream Vacations and our group booking technology to reach all-new heights. It’s time to thrive! Contact us today to learn more.