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How to Avoid Being Stranded at the Airport | Travel Delay Coverage


Travel delay coverage offers two different benefits that will help cover the cost of being significantly delayed.  


First, travel delay coverage can reimburse insured customers for the lost part of their prepaid expenses, minus any refund that may be received. So, if a tour is missed due to a covered delay, travel insurance can help reimburse the cost of the tour. If a covered delay causes you to miss the departure of your cruise or tour, your travel delay benefits can also help cover reasonable transportation expenses to help you rejoin your cruise/tour or reach your destination. 


The second benefit may be most useful for travelers facing significant delays. If you’re delayed for a covered reason, such as a travel carrier delay (minimum delay times apply and vary by product) you can be reimbursed for the additional meals, accommodation and transportation costs you may incur while delayed. A daily limit and a total coverage limit will apply and those limits vary by product. This coverage can save hundreds of dollars when a delay forces an overnight stay and can even help feed the kids at the airport. 


Coverage example: One Trip Prime, Allianz’s most popular plan, reimburses up to $200 per person, per day for covered delays lasting five hours or more, up to total travel delay coverage of $800. One Trip Prime will also provide up to $300 to purchase reasonable essential items if your baggage is delayed for 12 hours or more. (Coverage limits for travel delay vary by plan, so read your plan for more information). Travel Concierge services are included in this plan. 


All travel insurance products include Travel Assistance services and many include Travel Concierge services. Concierge services can help find new flights, ground transportation, lodging, restaurants and other services needed while delayed. 


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