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High Rolling Cruisers Win: drvn Partners with Carnival to Offer Seamless Chauffeuring Services


The high-tech ground transportation brand’s integrated booking and ride management systems and white-glove approach blend well with cruise line’s customer-first ethos



(September 27, 2022) – CORAL GABLES, Fla. – drvn, the global logistics technology and chauffeur service company, has partnered with Carnival Corporation to create a private label ground transportation management portal to serve their elite casino guests when booking private chauffeur service. The partnership allows Carnival to use drvn’s expertise in customer service-forward tech solutions to complex logistics encompassing all aspects of curating a unique ground travel experience before and after cruising. Carnival now offloads its ground travel coordination workflow and workload onto the drvn platform in one single click.


“Drvn’s tailored and private label solution has lowered Carnival’s operating costs and activities while improving consumer satisfaction from start to finish — simply by doing what we do best,” said Mario Medina, CEO of drvn.


Here’s what drvn does best:

  • Simplified and highly secured booking process for “invite only” Carnival guests and their hosts from the sailings’ embarkation till debarkation.
  • Real-time reaction to customer-initiated modifications, such as pickup time, route, or vehicle requirement, while simultaneously handling significant travel logistics involving flight or ship delays.
  • Expert service coordination and management in all locations through one platform – eliminating typical hardships often suffered when using multiple vendors in multiple cities.
  • A 24/7, 365 days a year – truly human customer support team trained and equipped with all the understanding and know-how to handle inquiries on the journey ahead. drvn’s team is equipped with extensive knowledge and current market data of all domestic and international cruise ports, making this a crucial element that sets drvn apart.
  • Consolidation of billable services in a customizable, detailed and “accessible anywhere/anytime” invoice makes this perk one less headache for Carnivals’ finance department.


“The partnership with drvn means having a seamless one-stop solution to service more than 40 destination markets and for all nine of our cruise line brands,” says Martin van der Merwe, Senior Director, Global Casino Marketing for Carnival Corporation. “We’re excited about what this will mean for elite gaming cruisers and how it will positively impact their cruise experience starting from the moment they leave home to when they return from another memorable vacation.”


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