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Grupo Xcaret Presents Versatile Attractions to Start Off 2021

Grupo Xcaret Presents Versatile Attractions to Start Off 2021

Riviera Maya, Mexico – December 16, 2020 – Travelers looking to ring in the new year refreshed and energized should look no further than Grupo Xcaret’s vibrant offerings. From thrilling adventures to awe inspiring nature settings, culturally driven experiences, trips down Mexican history and plenty cuisine options, Grupo Xcaret’s parks and tours offer more than 100 diverse attractions that promise an unparalleled vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya, making the perfect option for those looking to shake off the eventful year 2020 has been and enjoying one last trip before the new year. 


Below is a list of the best experiences offered at Grupo Xcaret for all types of travelers to enjoy: 

  • Adventure seekers – adrenaline-seeking travelers should opt for Xplor Park, the brand’s most popular adventure park that provides six distinct types of activities that include amphibian vehicles, rafts, stalactite river swimming, hammock splashing, spelunking and ziplining. Worth noting, the park is home to the most visited zipline in the world, featuring two circuits of seven zip-lines each, with a total of 2.4 miles per line. Each line features wonderous views of the Mexican jungle, and one of the lines allows visitors to splash into a cenote and soak on a water slide. Admission to Xplor includes unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, access to the lunch bar and free parking. 


  • Nature lovers – those wishing to connect with nature can visit Xel-ha Park, the brand’s only eco-adventure water park with activities including but not limited to, water slides, snorkeling, rope swings and a visit to the remains of an ancient Mayan port city. A snorkeler’s paradise, Xel-ha’s inlet is home to over 70 aquatic species, ranging from stingrays to sea turtles, as well as a manatee sanctuary where park goers can admire the species in their natural habitat. For wildlife enthusiasts, a botanical garden and a stingless bee sanctuary can also be found at the park. Admission to Xel-Ha includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and open bar with national brands.


  • History buffs – travelers with a passion for archaeology and history, looking for a more laidback vacation can explore the region’s historical and archeological sites with the Xichen Tour. Through this tour, travelers will depart from Riviera Maya to see one of the seven wonders of the world located in Yucatan, Chichén Itzá, as well as will visit the Zací Mayan cenote and the beautiful city of Valladolid, for a delicious buffet at the exclusive La Casona restaurant. For a similar kind of entertainment, Grupo Xcaret’s Xenotes tour invites guests to experience the four types of cenotes sacred to the Mayans that abound throughout Yucatan peninsula, each named after a different nature element – fire, wind, water and earth.


  • Culture enthusiasts – culture is at the forefront of the majestic paradise Xcaret, the brand’s emblematic park. Xcaret park celebrates the very best of Mexican rich culture, and features decor and activities inspired by Mayan culture and traditions. A further testament to the cultural influence at Xcaret, the park hosts yearly events including the Festival of Life and Death Traditions, which celebrates the notorious Day of the Dead holiday, and the Sacred Mayan Journey, a recreation of an ancient Mayan tradition where canoers, also known as Messengers of the Moon, departed from Xcaret’s Caleta beach to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel. Lastly, for travelers seeking cultural experiences surrounding food, the park offers workshops where visitors can create authentic Mexican tortillas, coconut, chocolate and coffee, making the perfect souvenir for a multifaceted trip to Cancun.


For increased fun and a wider range of experiences, travelers should also visit some of Grupo Xcaret’s other parks and tours, including Xenses, a half day recreational park that awakens visitors’ senses and challenges their perceptions through sensorial journeys; Xoximilco, a night attraction that pays homage to Mexican culture through food, live music, dancing and games; and tours to other archaeological sites including Tulum and Cobá.


The group recently debuted its 360 Xafety protocol guide, which includes 1,300 specific safety and sanitation actions that are being implemented in the hotel, parks and tours for the next couple of months to ensure the safety of guests and employees alike. For a complete list of protocols visit:



Grupo Xcaret Parks and Tours


Grupo Xcaret Parks and Tours are a benchmark for sustainable recreation in Mexico and around the world. The parks and tours specialize in offering visitors unique and unforgettable experiences, through unparalleled products and services that highlight the best of Mexico and are respectful of the environment. Grupo Xcaret is the leader in sustainable and socially responsible tourism in the Mexican Caribbean. Operating since 1990, Xcaret, the original park, contains more than 40 attractions surrounded by the jungle, coves and underground rivers. It offers exciting shows, as well as cultural activities that promote Mexican traditions. The other parks and tours are: Xel-Ha, an ecotourism aquatic park; Xplor and Xplor Fuego, parks featuring ziplines, ATVs and underground rives; Xenses, a sense-themed amusement and activities park; Xoximilco, an attraction that pays homage to Mexican culture, traditions and gastronomy; Xichen, a tour to archaeological and cultural sites in the Yucatan peninsula, including the Chichén Itzá pyramid;  Xenotes, a nature tour in the Mexican jungle to visit cenotes; and Xavage, the latest addition to the Grupo Xcaret portfolio, an adventure park that opened in April 2019.