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Goway’s Cradle of the Incas Returns to Lead Its South America Tours in 2017

Refreshed for 2017, the crown jewel of Goway’s South America tours takes in the Andes’ greatest civilization in comfort and style.



Of the thousands of travel ideas offered by Goway, only thirteen carry the company’s “promise of something special.” Among those is the 9-day Cradle of the Incas tour – a special itinerary for those seeking to experience the very best Peru has to offer. It leads Goway’s 2017 range of South America tours, offering Peru first timers a chance to see the country in style, or those who perhaps backpacked in their youth to return for a more luxurious take on Peruvian culture.


To journey into the Cradle of the Incas is to step back into the grand Incan Empire, as the remnants of this once mighty civilization dot the path from Lima to Cusco, continuing into the Sacred Valley, onward to the magical city of Machu Picchu.


Goway has finessed its flagship South American Holiday of a Lifetime program to bring to the modern Globetrotter not only a taste of the ancient Peru, but a sample of the modern, vibrant country it has become.


Led by Goway’s own expert Tour Director, the 9-day escorted tour is the crown jewel of Goway’s popular Peru program. It includes 5-star accommodation, private touring, air conditioned transfers and transportation, as well as a broad range of interactive experiences. Passengers can expect visits to a local community and indigenous markets, providing great insight into daily life in the Andes, while cooking lessons in Cusco offer an appreciation of the increasingly renowned cuisine of Peru. The trip combines cultural and dining experiences together with dinner at the Larco museum in Lima, with its rare collection of pre-Incan artifacts. The journey is capped off by two separate visits to the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, including in-depth exploration with an expert guide, plus free time for wandering among the ruins.


The Cradle of the Incas trip uses only the best accommodation, staying at the JW Marriott in Lima and its sister “Stay of Distinction” property in Cusco – with original Inca walls incorporated into the hotel architecture. Similarly, the “Stay of Distinction” property in the Aranwa Sacred Valley is a stunning lodge that makes a comfortable and memorable base for the group’s exploration.


Priced from just $3899US / $5299CA, the 9 day Cradle of the Incas Holiday of a Lifetime is the perfect itinerary for the discerning traveler wanting to experience the best in the heart of the Incan Empire.


GOWAY’S HOLIDAYS OF A LIFETIME are inclusive vacations led by Goway’s own professional guide. All accommodation is First Class or better, and many meals are included, along with virtually all touring along the way.


Goway’s Central and South America Division is staffed by experts who specialize in everything Latin America.