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Global Travel Brand Aventura World Reveals Group Travel Trends for 2022

Global Travel Brand Aventura World Reveals Group Travel Trends for 2022

December 13, 2021 – Moonachie, New Jersey – Group travel specialist Aventura World – a company of the Central Holidays family of travel brands – is pleased to share insight into the types of travel and destinations that groups are booking. According to the company and based on new groups that have been traveling in the recent months as destinations have re-opened, groups scheduled to travel this month, and groups already booked or are in the booking cycle for the coming year, 2022 is poised to be a huge bounce-back year for international travel.


“We see travelers are showing a strong resolve to make real their travel dreams and experiences after the months of lockdowns and restrictions. They want to get back to actually living the adventures on their ‘life’s list’ of things to do and places to see. Many have taken time to develop their passions over the past year and months – from new hobbies and skills to new likes and preferences – and they have grasped hold of what they cherish most – like sharing time with family and friends and taking time to do the things they want in life, such as travel,” said Ian Scott, President of Aventura World.


“At Aventura World, we are seeing this all play out, not only in the surge of groups that we have welcomed as destinations started opening in the latter part of this year, but also in the new groups booked and looking to book travel programs for 2022. Much of this is motivated by a resolve to live life to the fullest, and while this next phase of travel may look different in the new normal, travel has risen in rank for many to ‘priority-level’ as they redefine their wants and needs for a happy and fulfilled life,” continued Scott.


Some trends group travel brand Aventura World sees are as shared by Ian Scott include:


Continued increase in travel throughout Europe as a major bounce-back region, as well as travel to perceived “safe” destinations, such as Greece and Croatia. It is undeniable, that as destinations throughout Europe started re-opening, travelers showed they were ready to explore these traditionally high-demand destinations again. We are pleased to report that Aventura World took group travelers to destinations including Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and Croatia. In fact, just last month we had a spectacular group trip with more than 50 traveler-participants who raved about their fabulous experiences, the fantastic sites, and the exemplary work of our tour directors. We see programs to these destinations continue to garner increased-interest and requests for trips in 2022.


Lifetime trips to bucket list destinations, such as Egypt and Turkey. As life experiences continue to gain clout over retail purchases, trips of a lifetime – such as the opportunity to explore Egypt are growing. This destination in particular is showing a very strong comeback for Aventura World, backed by its parent company Sakkara Group International (SGI), based in Egypt. Over the months, many travelers have added to their intrigue about the mysteries of Egypt while feeding their wanderlust via virtual tours. People have heard the stories and legends, seen the movies and documentaries, and now they want to live it for themselves. Additionally, travelers are looking forward to the opening of the long-awaited Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Lucky travelers can now be among the first travelers to visit the 5.2-million-square-foot museum that will display the greatest collection of King Tutankhamen’s treasures in one place when it opens in 2022. Egypt undoubtedly has all the makings of a bucket list destination, which is no wonder that it keeps growing in requests.


Group travel itself has becomes a trend as well as more outdoor, active, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Group travel has historically been one of the first sectors to bounce-back after any world issues and while this pandemic has been unprecedented, we are seeing signs of group travel bouncing back in 2022. It is motivating to hear the positive feedback from travelers sharing how they felt very safe in traveling as all were vaccinated, and that they appreciated the precautions taken by our tour directors, local guides, and choice hotels – all that made them feel extremely comfortable. The bottom line is that people often tend to feel safer traveling in groups. As well, they enjoy the peace of mind of traveling with a long-established company that has offices and representatives in foreign destinations – as opposed to being on their own. Now more than ever this type of reliability is cherished by travelers.


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A valued leader in the US group travel marketplace since 1972, Aventura World is a distinctive travel company focused on elevating group travel beyond traditional sightseeing to delivering culturally rich, interactive, and in-depth destination experiences each and every time. The company is known for providing excellent client service, destination expertise, and meticulously planned tour and travel packages. As part of Aventura World’s international awareness program, the group travel brand presents travelers with a unique “insiders” perspective and provides enriching moments that bring each destination to life.  Backed by the strength of Sakkara Group International, Aventura World offers the reliability and security that its clients are booking and traveling with a strong, long-established, robust group tour operator with a time-honored history as well as an ongoing commitment to providing the best in travel. For additional details, visit