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Gifted Travel Network Proud to Support New Social Impact Travel Brand


GTN’s Travel Advisors Have Already Scored “Sneak Peeks” of Innovative Cruise Line Fathom
Host agency Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is thrilled to throw its resources and support behind the brand new social impact travel brand Fathom, a part of the Carnival Corporation family. Fathom is innovating traditional travel by combining the fun and relaxation of cruising with the opportunity to give back to communities in need through social impact activities in the Caribbean. A select number of GTN travel advisors are among the first in the nation to experience Fathom’s radical new approach to travel through invitations to join Fathom on its inaugural cruise and to “test-run” some of its social impact activities in the Dominican Republic.


GTN leadership sees an alignment between GTN and Fathom’s core values and approach to revolutionizing the travel industry. “Fathom is creating a space for transformation through travel — they’re innovators in the travel industry, just like GTN,” said Vanessa McGovern, GTN’s Executive Vice President. “Our agents aren’t just order takers; they’re changing lives, and that’s why Fathom is such a natural match for GTN.”


Ron Fenska, Fathom’s Vice President of Sales, echoes that sentiment. “As the innovator pioneering the new category of social impact travel, Fathom closely identifies with trailblazers,” said Fenska. “That is why our relationship with Gifted Travel Network – a company that is breaking ground in its own right – makes so much sense. GTN is revolutionizing the industry by supporting agents who want to sell travel they are truly passionate about. Fathom is serving the passionate and fast-growing market of travelers seeking unique social impact travel experiences. Together we will help travelers to follow their passion to work alongside communities in need and make enduring, transformative, life-changing contributions.”


Fathom has fostered its relationship with GTN in part by inviting GTN agents to experience its social impact activities in the Dominican Republic, before the brand opened up its voyages to the general public. Agents got their hands dirty assisting with community service projects, like working in a women-run recycling facility, and provided valuable feedback to Fathom. One of the participating agents, Brianna Glen of Milk & Honey Travels, was impressed with how Fathom is offering something totally unique in the travel space.


“We often travel to different destinations and don’t have the opportunity to connect with the community on such a deep level, but Fathom allows for this and more. We not only are connecting with the people and learning their stories, we are helping to change their communities for the better, and doing so in a tangible way that will make a difference over the long-term,” said Glenn. “I am excited to introduce this new type of travel experience to my clients and I hope they find it just as meaningful as I did.”


Another participating agent, Jennifer Round of Slaydon’s Travel, saw how Fathom aligns with her own agency’s service-oriented goals. “Our agency has a focus on responsible travel and how our clients can ‘vacation for good.’ Fathom certainly fits that focus,” said Round. “Fathom’s great for families that want to do something different than theme parks, and it’s especially great for graduating high school seniors — before these kids head off to college a Fathom cruise provides a wonderful way to show them that not everybody has the same privileges in life.” In fact, Fathom voyages offer a new way for high schoolers to fulfill their community service hour requirements, which is exactly why GTN’s EVP Jennifer Cochrane is planning a Fathom trip for her family — including her high school-aged daughter — this summer.


A number of GTN travel advisors will also be voyaging on Fathom’s inaugural cruise, which sets sail to the Dominican Republic on April 10th. Travel advisor Janine Queenin, who believes Fathom will appeal to a variety of different clients, couldn’t be more thrilled to participate.


“A Fathom cruise is perfect for Baby Boomers looking for an opportunity to travel with purpose and share that experience with grandchildren, and since ‘doing’ is the best education available, I also think Fathom cruises are a safe, affordable way for student groups to participate in experiential travel opportunities,” said Queenin. “I am so excited to be a part of a cruise experience that changes lives in the countries they visit.”



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