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Getcha, Getcha, Getcha, Getcha Head in the Game! – Simply Sales with Scott

Getcha, Getcha, Getcha, Getcha Head in the Game! - Simply Sales with Scott


Written By:Sales Insights with Scott Koepf, Vice President of Strategic Development – Cruise Planners  



Sales Insights with Scott Koepf

If you have no connection to musicals, Disney or family members currently in their twenties, you will look at this title and only want to criticize my butchering of the English language. But if you do have those passions in your life or if you are just a musical theatre fanatic like me, then you know this song title is from one of the biggest television and stage show phenomenon’s from a number of years ago – Disney’s High School Musical!


This song, as well as all of the others from this simple yet sweet musical, has been stuck in my head numerous times. My wife was the theatre director and teacher at a large high school and she directed, you guessed it, Disney’s High School Musical. Not only that but my oldest daughter was choreographer and my youngest played the very fun role of Sharpay. Now that I have shared too much information on my family’s obsession with musicals you might be asking “Hello, I am in the travel industry. What does any of this blabbering have to do with me?” An excellent question to be sure, so stick with me.


Getcha Head in the Game is advice from the coach to his star player when it seems like love may be distracting him. So here is what struck me as similar to what most of you deal with every day. Since most of you are home based you have to deal with many distractions. While I wish for all of us that it was love that was our primary distraction, it is usually things like dirty dishes, a garage that needs organizing, a dog that needs walking, or any number of things that pull our focus.


Like our hero in this musical you do not need to ignore the things that distract us but simply choose to give our full attention to the game when we need to. Just like basketball, while skills are key, having your head in the game one hundred percent will be the difference maker. Since I believe that life is exactly like musical theatre, I know that you can have success not only in selling travel but also in all the things that distract you. You can win the game, get the lead in the musical AND get the girl!


Okay it is not that easy. Even in musicals conflicts arise which must be overcome (otherwise there would be no ballads) but the solution really does come down to the eloquence of these words – Getcha Head in the Game!


Working at home or in an office, self-discipline becomes the most important skill for success. As the famous business philosopher, Jim Rohn, said: “All choices lead to only two results – Reward or Regret.” If you only are going through the motions you will not reap the rewards you could if your head was fully in the game. This is really all about time management which starts with making lists of all of the things that need to be done (Dishes, Garage, Dog) but also requires intense focus on just one thing at a time. Your clients deserve it and the rewards will come your way if you choose correctly. Most studies now show that multitasking is inefficient so talking travel while doing the dishes will, in the long run, fail. In fact, a recent study showed that multitasking leads to 50% less productivity and 50% more mistakes! The only exception, which is proven by every musical ever written, is that it is fine to break into song at any time no matter what you are doing (if you don’t believe me ask my coworkers!). So the next time your mind wanders jump up and sing….


Getcha, Getcha, Getcha, Getcha Head in the Game!