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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Donates Food Container to Benefit Local Charities in Barbados

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines donates food container to benefit local charities in Barbados

April 2, 2020 – Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has been working with its Port Agent in Barbados, Caribbean, PLATINUM PORT AGENCY INC, and the Barbados Port to support local charities with a donation of fresh produce from a container of food supplies intended for its ship, Braemar, which was left in Bridgetown after the port call had to be cancelled.


Fred. Olsen decided to donate the container – comprising 18 pallets / 17,598kgs of chilled fruit and vegetables – to a number of deserving local charities, with the kind co-operation of the Barbados Port. These included the YWCA, Barbados Homeless Society and The Red Cross, as well as the Salvation Army and St. Dominic’s Catholic Church children’s feeding program.


Peter Deer, Managing Director of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said:


“We did not want this container of perfectly good fresh produce to go to waste, as there are so many deserving causes in Barbados, and we knew that they could make use of it to benefit a great many local people in these difficult and challenging times.


“We are just happy that we were able to help to make a difference on the island in this small way, and we thank our partners in Barbados for making this happen.”


Senator Lisa Cummins, Chairman of the Barbados Port, said:


“We very much appreciate this donation and engaged with local partners like the YWCA, who have local feeding programs. We have been able to provide food supplies for 130 families and boosted The Red Cross ‘Meals on Wheels Program’, giving valuable support to our most vulnerable families.


“During this crisis, we have had no end of traumatic stories. But we have also had wonderful stories of people helping others in difficult times. This is one of those wonderful stories. Thank you to the Fred. Olsen team on behalf of the Barbados Port and our local communities for making this special donation.”


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