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Five Things to Know About Acapulco’s Famed La Quebrada Cliff Divers

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ACAPULCO, Mexico – May 24, 2018 – Mexico regions are widely known for their popular traditions be it the Mariachi from Jalisco, Tequila from Guadalajara or Talavera pottery from Puebla. In Acapulco, it’s the famous La Quebrada Cliff Divers who impressively surge from 135 feet high cliffs into the Pacific Ocean. The remarkable spectacular, which made major headlines in the 60’s and 70’s, is a masterful skill admired by all those who visit. It’s a literal breathtaking experience unlike any other around the world.  Here are five things to know about Acapulco’s famed daredevils and how to experience it:


  1. A tradition that began with local fisherman in the 1930s, today La Quebrada Cliff Divers are honored professionals who have perfected the art and have garnered worldwide recognition. The custom began in 1934 when two fishermen challenged each other to jump off La Quebrada Cliff and since then, it has flourished into an Acapulco spectacular that has lasted over eight decades. It is a trade that begins at age five and only passes on through generation of families.
  2. In 1963, La Quebrada Cliff Divers received worldwide attention after being featured in Elvis Presley’s musical “Fun in Acapulco.” Between late 1960 through the 1970s, the divers were featured in ABC’s Wide World of Sports when even the USA High Diving Team competed with the La Quebrada Cliff Divers during the Acapulco Christmas Festival
  3. The show is as raw as it gets. There are no nets or ropes. Everything is taken into consideration for the perfect dive from the speedo bathing suit and short haircuts to the most accurate timing for best wind and water conditions. To get to the top, the divers must scale the steep rocks up 135 feet with their bare hands. From there, they pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe altar before taking off into the narrow ravine. Today, approximately 60 men and women ranging from ages 15 to 70 carefully take the jump into the ocean when the tide rises just enough not to hit into the surrounding rocks.
  4. The plunge performance lasts about 30 minutes and occurs several times day. It’s a truly awe-inspiring demonstration that often has travelers staying for hours watching over and over. During the day, visitors can witness the show at 1 p.m., and in the evening starting at 7:30 p.m., with performances occurring every hour, and the final show that takes place at 10:30 p.m. being the most impressive when the divers take the leap with a lit torch in hand.
  5. One can see the divers from different areas surrounding La Quebrada. The best vantage point is from the Observation Deck, which only costs $3.00 to enter, and includes a drink. Afterwards, the divers come over to greet watchers, and guests can offer an additional tip which is highly encouraged. Another way to watch the Cliff Divers is while dining at Hotel Mirador that overlooks La Quebrada. A tour of Acapulco wouldn’t be complete without seeing these famous cliff divers.


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About Acapulco

Mexico’s original beach destination, Acapulco is located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, on the Pacific Coast. Situated on a deep bay with sunshine, balmy temperatures and warm seas year-round, its golden beaches are ideal for relaxing, swimming and enjoying an array of water sports, while the city itself offers history, culture and legendary glamour. The landmark Fort of San Diego dates to the colonial era, and the fully restored, star-shaped fortress, is home to the acclaimed Acapulco Historic Museum. La Quebrada is the place to watch Acapulco’s world-famous cliff divers, whose daring feats are as popular – and thrilling –  today as they were 82 years ago. Acapulco has a dynamic dining scene, whose innovative chefs combine Mexican culinary traditions with global inspiration when preparing the finest Pacific seafood complemented with fresh and local ingredients. All of this and more make Acapulco the must-visit beach destination in Mexico.


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