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Help Empower the Women of Nepal: Ancient Practice of Chhaupadi to Finally be Banned

Exodus Travels continues to help women thrive in rural communities across Nepal as the age-old tradition discriminating against females will be prohibited in August 2018



Toronto, Canada. July 31, 2018: In August 2017, Nepalese government passed a law abolishing the traditional practice of chhaupadi, providing hope to the women who have been discriminated against for generations. August 2018 will see this law implemented throughout Nepal, however without proper education and encouragement there is little hope for a future without banishment.


What is Chhaupadi

In some regions of Nepal, women are sent away or confined to a cowshed while menstruating because of the practice referred to as chhaupadi, translating to “untouchable being.” The result? Many Nepalese women are unable to attend school, go to work or live their day-to-day lives for an entire week each month. The lack of hygienic protection due to these cultural norms and the lack of funds means that many village women suffer from infections which then lead to other health issues such as infertility, kidney complications, pelvic infections and worse.


Education & Support

As a leading tour operator of responsible travel, Exodus Travels firmly believes in giving back to the communities that give so much to travelers, and are proud to sponsor The Freedom Kit Bags Project – educational sessions held in hospitals and schools that provide eco-friendly, sustainable, hygienic sanitary wear – to rural and low-income communities across Nepal; areas where many women are without access to disposable sanitary products. Sessions teach girls, women and their husbands about sex education, healthcare and the importance of proper sanitation, while the bags help to offer women dignity and freedom of movement during a time which they have long been shamed for.


Even with the practice being prohibited in August, without proper education and encouragement there is little hope for a future without chhaupadi. Exodus Travels has donated over 1000 Freedom Kit Bags to rural communities across Nepal – and they are just getting started. The support of The Freedom Kit Bags Project is now more integral than ever.


Learn more about The Freedom Kit Bags Project with this video and visit to get involved.



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