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Ebook Marketing for Travel Professionals in 2020

Written By: Tom Ogg, Co-Owner – Travel Professional NEWS®



One of the most powerful ways to gain new client contact information for your email list is to offer an ebook on a subject of interest that is within your specific niche. While the ebook doesn’t need to be huge, it does need to offer valid and rewarding content to the reader. Ebooks can be short and to the point and reward the reader with information that they would not have gained without reading your ebook.


Ebooks are generally offered from a landing page where the reader gives up his or her name and email address in exchange for the ebook download. As I am sure everyone is aware, it is difficult to search for information on the web without being asked for you to register to actually view the content being offered on the website. I suspect that everyone is like me in that I rarely provide the information and choose to go back searching for the information without committing to opening a relationship with a website that I do not know the true value proposition.


The power of an ebook is that they are generally focussed on a narrow niche or topic that is of interest to the potential reader. Since they arrived at the landing page after responding to a website, advertisement, video or other channel, they are already prequalified by using specific keywords that bought them to this point. Once they arrive at the landing page, the ebook’s cover and title is the thing that will get them to click to continue creating a relationship with your agency.


Presenting a motivating title for your ebook is the single most important element of the reader’s decision to move forward, or not. Here are elements to use when creating engaging ebook titles.


Ebook Title Profiles


How To Titles

How To titles are awesome for travel. You should make sure that the content of the ebook is not available anywhere else and that it is of real value to the reader. It is also your opportunity to prove to the reader that you are an expert in your niche and quite experienced at handling travel requests.


“How to Visit San Diego Like a Local”

“How to Really Get the Best Deals on Hotels and Resorts”


Destination Guides and Inside Information

Offering an ebook on products or destinations that you have a great deal of expertise on is an excellent way to garner a reader’s respect and prove your expertise on the destination. Having a series of destination, port or city guides is a great way to establish yourself as an authority.


“The Foodie Guide to Punta Mita by a Self Confessed Food Junky”

“13 Venice, Italy Must See Sights You Won’t Find in Your Travel Guide”


Travel (or Cruising) Tips

Everyone wants to know as much as they can before they depart on a vacation. By creating specific tips for vacationers to expand their enjoyment while on vacation is a great way to prove your expertise. Insider information is a great way to motivate readers.


“13 Disney World Secrets You Must Know Before You Go”

“Cruising the Eastern Med? 7 Tips That Will Complete Your Trip”


Shocking Travel Titles

The key to using shocking travel titles is to have them focused on your specific niche. They can be used to appeal to all types of travelers. The key is to offer strong content that almost demands the reader click on the link just to find out more.


What You Have to Do to Avoid Problems in Mexico

5 Food Trucks to Avoid at All Cost When in Papeete, Tahiti

6 Things Cruise Passengers Must Do to Avoid Being Robbed in Eastern Europe

Avoid these 23 Bars, Nightclubs and Massage Parlors No Matter What When Visiting Bangkok, Thailand


As you can see, the point is to get readers to part with their information in exchange for your ebook. Of course, the content in the ebook must share details verifying the title, but in a non-shocking manner. Consider your ebook as the first step in the relationship with the reader. Here are more travel ebook titles.


Sample Ebook Titles


Travel in General

8 Apps You Must Have When Traveling

10 Must Do Steps to Drastically Reduce the Stress of Traveling

Jet Lag? Not if You Use These Three Tools

Turn Your Smart Devise into a Travel Powerhouse

A Step by Step Guide to Getting the Lowest Airfares

airBNB and VRBO, Save Money or Ripoff?

3 Tools You Must Have When Traveling Internationally

Make Flying Fun with These 6 Tools

16 Packing Tips You Must Understand

How to Stretch Your Travel Budget in 6 Easy Steps


Family Travel

How to Enjoy Travel with an Infant

6 Important Steps to Really Enjoy Travel with Children

The Top 10 Games Children Can Play on an Airplane

Flying with Children? Totally Fun if You Do These 8 Things

12 Apps That Will Entertain Your Children for Hour After Hour

How to Plan Your Itinerary to Make Children Happy

How to Manage Luggage on a Family Vacation

How to Engage Children When Planning a Family Vacation

7 Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost When Traveling With Your Family

How to Make Travel Delays Fun For Your Children


All Inclusive Travel

6 Items You Must Take With You When Staying in an Overwater Bungalow

10 Important Tips for Staying at an All-Inclusive Resort

15 Secrets All-Inclusive Resorts Do Not Want You to Know

5 Items You Need to Take With You for an All-Inclusive Resort Vacation

The Definitive Guide to Tipping at an All-Inclusive Resort

How to Pack for an All-Inclusive Resort Vacation

Beyond the All-Inclusive, How to Experience Your Destination

22 All-Inclusive Jokes and Stories that Will Make You Laugh

Why Mom Was Right About All-Inclusive Resorts

All-Inclusive Resorts: Expectations vs. Reality



Shore Excursions: How to Spend Less, See More and Have More Fun

Yield Management, What You Must Know Before You Cruise

17 Secrets the Cruise Lines Do Not Want You to Know

7 Things You Must Take With You on a Cruise

44 Cruise Jokes to Entertain Your Table Mates With

6 Must-Do Things When Cruising Internationally

How to Cruise With Just a Carry-On

17 Secrets of Cruising the Baltic You Must Know Before You Go

Pre and Post Cruise Planning for Success

Where is my luggage? What do Do Now


River Cruising

12 Things You Must Know About River Cruising Before You Book

River Cruising – Expectations vs. Reality

River Cruises – The Next Generation

Take This Quiz to Discover the Perfect River Cruise For You

15 Tips to Maximize Your River Cruise on the Danube

Viking, Ama, Avalon and Uniworld, What’s the Difference?

The Top 10 Things to See on The Rhine River

How to Maximize Your Experience on a River Cruise

Packing Tips Every River Cruiser Should Know

River Cruising vs. Ocean Cruising – What’s the Difference?


Online Ebook Title Generators

While I have not been able to find a travel specific ebook title generator, there are hundreds of free websites that offer the free use of their title generators. While mostly they do not come up with stellar titles, there are always some that you can use to launch your own creativity. Simply Google “Ebook Title Generators” and start looking for the perfect title.