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Do you know The Career Quest Difference?

Do you know The Career Quest Difference?

Written By: Nancy W. Kist, CTC, President – Career Quest Training Center 



For 17 years, Career Quest Training Center has been helping make dreams come true in the Travel Industry by teaching passionate travelers how they could open and run their own Home-Based Travel Agency. But, when it comes to travel training there are many options. What makes Career Quest stand out from the others? 


Leslie Berkman, owner of New Jersey based Berkie Travel and a Career Quest graduate says “There are two things that make Career Quest different, knowing I always have an advisor a phone call away and that the materials are both online and printed text books.” Career Quest utilizes Industry recognized textbooks like Tom Oggs How to Run a Home-Based Travel Business and the Travel InstitutesTravel Career Development. “The travel industry changes every year. Knowing the materials I am using are industry recognized and can always be reference guides for me continues to help me even to this day,” Berkman added. 


Last year alone, 700 students graduated from Career Quest and these graduates had the opportunity to affiliate with various host agencies. Michael Cadogan, Owner of Wanderlust Tour & Cruises says, “It was a great introduction to the Travel & Leisure Industry, and I am looking forward to putting the principles you’ve taught me into practice.  Career Quest will always be part of my history.” 


Career Quest Training Center was founded by Nancy Kist, CTC, a veteran of the Travel Industry. “Everyone thought the internet was going to stop consumers from turning to Travel Agents to book their travel, but they were wrong. We continue to see consumers relying on agents because of the products they can provide and the superior customer service they receive.  The traveler has found a search engine or 800 number cannot deliver the assistance for the client,” Kist said. “The Career Quest Program is designed to help not only learn the travel industry, but how to market your product, sell your product and most importantly run your own business.” 


Michelle Reynolds, owner of Free Spirit Travel and another Career Quest graduate told us, “No other course, but Career Quest, asked me about business plans, marketing plans or how to insure my business would be a success. Even in my accounting classes, no one addressed these topics which have  truly helped me through my travel journey so far.” 


“Customer service is our main focus.  Every day, the staff answers emails and phone calls from students and graduates looking for assistance. Career Quest not only works with individual students, they design training programs for host agency’s new-agents.  Whether- it’s helping a- student understand how to book a cruise or  how to select a host agency that meets their business model, I know that we have made a difference. “Kist remarked. 


What sets Career Quest apart from other training programs is the students can progress at their own pace and set their own schedule.  This allows them to work around their job and family commitments.  


Quizzes and projects throughout the program are reviewed by experienced advisors. “Our curriculum is constantly being updated. Cruise and Tour suppliers recognize the quality of our program and provide Career Quest with their instructional materials to enrich our curriculum.”  


“There is no question, that if you are wanting to get started in the travel industry, launch your own business or even work at an agency, that Career Quest is who you need to call for your training,” said Leslie Berkman. “It changed my life and helped launch my business 17 years ago and I couldn’t be more happy today because of it.” 


For more information on the programs Career Quest offers,  contact our office at 800-452-3198 or email us at [email protected]