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Despite Uncertain Economic Times, Domestic Travel Surges

Despite Uncertain Economic Times, Domestic Travel Surges

Travel insurance comparison site,, reports more US travelers than ever this year.


Pent Up Demand for Travel Leads to Spike in Domestic Trips 

A 19% increase in the number of US travelers this year highlights a pent up demand for travel, while international trips have been limited by travel restrictions and border closures.


“We are seeing travel rebound, despite international travel bans. This increase in domestic travel is encouraging”, says Megan Moncrief, CMO of “We are happy to report that more travelers are exploring the US this year.”


Domestic Travels Help US Economy 

Amidst a pandemic, domestic travelers are still spending roughly the same on vacations in 2020 compared to last year, with an average trip cost of $3,947.


Despite traveling closer to home, domestic travelers are also looking to protect their trip investment. A cancellation style travel insurance policy can provide travelers with coverage to cancel their trip and can also provide important medical coverage if an expensive emergency occurs while traveling.