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CIE Tours International New Luxury Chauffeur Packages for Ireland & Britain!


January 2016 – CIE Tours is excited to announce their new specialty program designed for people looking for an independent luxury experience.


Customers have the freedom to work with our expert Luxury Program Executives to develop their own special itinerary. Whether it’s for two or a small group of family and friends, CIE Tours can accommodate any number of passengers for as long as they want. “The deserving traveler wants every detail customized and we are now able to cater to these customers”, stated Carol Doherty, Vice President of Sales at CIE Tours International.


Customers can enjoy their holiday in 4 to 5 star hotels while still experiencing the authentic culture that you can’t find anywhere else. This top of the line luxury experience can be appreciated by multi-generational travelers who are looking for a consistent private driver to take them around the destination of their choosing in a premium vehicle. Sometimes, a vacation plan is pretty obvious: hit the hotel, relax, and wander. Other times, you want to push things to the next level and CIE Tours’ unique experience can help you with that; think adventure, value, indulgence and relaxation.



About CIE Tours International

For the past 83 years, CIE Tours International has provided travellers with the highest quality vacation experience to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. They have held their reputation in the travel industry by providing customers with value, security, reliability, and of course satisfaction. Tour directors are focused to give passengers the opportunity to learn not only the culture and history of the destinations they are visiting, but also to experience the delights of local food, comfortable transportations, and other amenities to guarantee a first class holiday.


What makes CIE Tours unique in comparison to other tour companies is they truly listen to customers by using their feedback and suggestions to update itineraries as well as improve their selection of tours every year. With the continuous support from travel partners, they have been able to increase their collection of escorted tours from 44 to 52 for 2015. All CIE Tours travel programs are protected by the company’s €400+ Advantage, a no-fee benefit guaranteeing that travellers are never charged for special features considered optional extras with other tour companies. This benefit saves couples an average of €400 per week.


CIE Tours International knows what it takes to ensure a great vacation experience. For additional information, contact your travel agent, call 353 1 703 1 888, or visit