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Chile to Host First Virtual Travel Trade Show in June

Chile to Host First Virtual Travel Trade Show in June

SANTIAGO, CHILE (May 26, 2021) – Sernatur, the government entity representing the Chile Tourism Board, and ProChile, the Chilean Promotion Bureau, announce the country’s first fully-digital travel trade show that is set to showcase the country’s vast tourism offering to an international audience from June 8 to June 10. The Chile Virtual Expo Tourism will be completely free of charge to all who register and connect.


“Chile’s tourism industry is at the core of the country’s economy and we are hopeful that this innovative and unprecedented initiative will pave the way for post-pandemic tourism recovery,” said Andrea Wolleter, national director of Sernatur. “Our country offers countless destinations and experiences that are a perfect fit for those who wish to travel safely, we have well-educated travel providers who are ready to carefully cater to visitors, and we will seek to reopen Chile to the world once we have the adequate conditions to do so.”


More than 180 Chilean businesses that operate in the country’s travel sector will connect and present their current offering through product catalogs and videos at each of their virtual stands. Sernatur, ProChile, the government body behind Wines of Chile, and the country’s national tourism federation will also join the conversation.


About the Event

As the first event of its kind hosted by the South American nation, the Chile Virtual Expo Tourism will serve as the perfect backdrop for travel professionals from around the world to learn more about the destination, network and explore new business opportunities. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to gain visibility and further establish themselves across their target audience. Furthermore, it will allow Chile to continue to connect with its top feeder and priority markets such as United States, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, and England. The event and the online platform will be entirely in English.

Similar to traditional in-person trade shows, exhibitors and visitors will be able to interact but via an online, 24-hour chat, and the expo will be divided into a total of six pavilions:

  • Pavilion 1: Northern Chile and Atacama Desert (Arica and Parinacota – Coquimbo).
  • Pavilion 2: Santiago, Central Valleys, and Rapa Nui (Metropolitan Area – Maule).
  • Pavilion 3: Southern Chile, Lakes, and Volcanoes (Ñuble – Los Lagos).
  • Pavilion 4: Patagonia and Chilean Antarctica (Aysén – Magallanes).
  • Pavilion 5: Domestic Suppliers (tour operators that market domestic tourism).
  • Pavilion 6: National institutions and government.



How to Join

To connect to the Chile Virtual Expo Tourism, those who are interested must visit and register by inputting the required information. Further details and event reminders will be sent via email.

Starting June 8 after logging into the trade show, attendees will receive access to the main lobby, pavilions, chat room and live conferences – all just a click away.

To learn more about Chile, please visit and



About the Chile Tourism Board


Chile is a country rich in diversity and contrast. It possesses a special geography that distinguishes it from other world destinations. One of its most unique features is having territory in three world regions: South America, Oceania, and Antarctica. Its continental length from north to south reaches over 4,300 kilometers in a narrow strip of land between the rugged Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Such a great expanse gives way to an array of privileged landscapes, beginning with the planet’s most arid desert, transitioning through a fertile central valley, down through a land of lakes and volcanoes and ending in the glaciers, fjords, and granite mountains of wild Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego – the farthest reaches of the continent. Reasons to discover Chile include: surprising natural wonders such as the Atacama, the driest desert in the world with more than 200 native flowers; culture and heritage with six UNESCO world heritage sites and firsthand experience with the Mapuche Culture; world-class sports and adventures – ski the Andes, surf in Pichilemu or go scuba diving in Easter Island; flavors and wine from the end of the world; astronomical tourism with the clearest skies in the Southern Hemisphere; vibrant city life in Santiago;  health and wellness with 270+ thermal springs, wine therapy and treatments using local products such as olives or avocado; among many others. Visit for more information.

About ProChile

The Export Promotion Bureau (ProChile), an agency under the Foreign Ministry’s Directorate General for International Economic Relations, works to advance and consolidate Chilean trade policy. ProChile assists small and medium-size enterprises in their trade expansion efforts by leveraging the opportunities afforded by recent trade agreements, fostering public-private partnerships, and helping position Chile in the international marketplace. ProChile’s network of in-country and foreign-based trade offices offer Chilean exporters a broad range of specific services, notably general orientation, trade development, and information technology. To learn more, visit