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Beyond Times Square Launches New Logo to Embrace the Future of Luxury Travel

Beyond Times Square Launches New Logo to Embrace the Future of Luxury Travel

Beyond Times Square (BTSQ) launched its new logo this week across its marketing channels. As a well-known destination management company in the luxury travel industry, BTSQ has been reinventing itself to better serve sophisticated travelers and travel advisors. The recreation of its logo is a part of the company’s plan of continuous improvement to fully embrace the future of luxury travel.


The new logo is the embodiment of its exciting brand tagline – Feed your travel passion. The logo “look and feel” aligns with the company’s luxury brand image, which is expressed in the minimalist design that shows modernity and innovation. The blue and orange color scheme reflects the two focuses of the brand – luxury and fun. Blue symbolizes the elegance of BTSQ’s high-end travel products, confidence in delivering supreme hospitality, and sincerity towards its clients. Orange interprets the excitement, energy, and happiness that travelers experience with BTSQ.


“The company has been surpassing itself ever since its inception,” said Joel Cohen, General Manager at BTSQ, “From the eminent ‘New York Luxury Travel Experts’ to a company that operates tours in multiple destinations on the East Coast, BTSQ not only strives for providing a frictionless luxury experience for travelers and travel advisors, it also taps into the latest travel trends to create brand-new experiences. We keep showing our dedication and innovation to clients. Apart from our products and services, the new logo is another powerful medium that conveys the key values of the company.”


Looking into the future, BTSQ will keep creating private, unique, and exclusive travel products that epitomize the spirit of luxury travel, investing in new technologies that facilitate travel booking, tour operation, and research and development, and offering high-end services that help guests make wonderful memories that last for a lifetime.



About Beyond Times Square


Beyond Times Square is a destination management company with an 18-year history of delivering tailormade, luxury travel programs with authentic local experience. With its exceptional expertise and extensive network of specialists, local experts, and high-quality vendors in the travel industry, Beyond Times Square offers supreme hospitality to both individual and group travelers in New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, and surrounding areas. For further information, please visit