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Avoya Travel Introduces Avoya Infinity As New Consumer Vacation Planning Journey

Avoya Brand Growing and Winning Loyalty By Promoting Value of Independent Vacation Planners



Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – June 30, 2017 – Avoya Travel®, the travel industry’s most innovative brand, introduces Avoya Infinity™, a pioneering consumer-focused model to deliver the best vacation planning and booking customer experience. Avoya Infinity will accelerate Avoya’s continued growth and power the company’s commitment to create the industry’s best cruise and vacation planning experience by placing Independent Vacation Planners in the Avoya Network™ at the center.


Avoya Infinity is the next phase for Avoya in delivering on its brand promise of Reimagining Vacation Planning™. It expands on Avoya’s unique value proposition of combining powerful online search with the expertise and professionalism of Independent Vacation Planners in the Avoya Network, and providing exclusive offers and values to help customers plan and book better vacations.


Recognizing that the customer vacation planning and booking journey is no longer linear, Avoya designed the Avoya Infinity model as a fluid and endless infinity loop with the important relationship between a customer and their expert Independent Vacation Planner™ located at the center – known as the Connect phase. Avoya Infinity also encompasses all the other stages of planning and taking vacations like Dream, Discover, Book, and Enjoy, all the while promoting the continued value of the Independent Vacation Planners in the Avoya Network.


Avoya Infinity is driving advancements and innovation to make Avoya’s customer journey the best experience at every phase. Avoya continues to invest in new technologies and strategies to better understand what consumers want and position the brand as the best solution, to elevate the role and value of the Independent Vacation Planner, and to connect with a new market of travel customers. This combined with a more powerful website experience, added personal touch points, and enhanced pre-trip experiences are just some of the developments the company has implemented to power Avoya Infinity. As a result, Avoya is sourcing better customer leads (Live Leads™) and connecting even more travelers to Independent Vacation Planners in the Avoya Network matched to create more memorable cruises and vacations than ever before.


“Avoya Infinity provides the ideal framework for creating the best vacation planning experience through Avoya Travel’s unique combination of technology, human touch, and value,” said Brad Anderson, President of Avoya Travel. “Consumer-focused companies win, and Avoya Infinity will power Avoya Travel’s continued innovations and advancements to create incredible vacation experiences and memories for our valued customers.”



About Avoya Travel:

Avoya Travel is a family-owned company with a longstanding reputation for being one of the world’s most innovative marketing and travel technology companies. As an American Express Travel Representative for more than 30 years, and their largest seller of cruises and tours, Avoya is deeply committed to Integrity and Professionalism™, service, and value in every aspect of planning cruises and vacations. Through an elite network of independently owned and operated travel agencies, Avoya provides exclusive discounts, amenities, and first-class customer service to travelers worldwide. Cruise lines and travel partners recognize this, as Avoya has received numerous accolades, including being repeatedly named Travel Partner of the Year by Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruises, American Express, Oceania Cruises, and more. Today, Avoya is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with support offices throughout the United States.


Travel agency owners, travel professionals, and others interested in owning and operating their own travel business should contact Avoya Travel at 800-521-2597 or visit Travelers interested in booking their next vacation with Avoya Travel, should call 800-357-2261 or visit