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Avoya is Changing the Face of Travel

Avoya Feature for Travel Agents

Written By: Sam McCully, Senior Vice President of Marketing – Avoya Travel


Built on a strong foundation of over fifty years of travel expertise, Avoya Travel® is continuously recognized in the industry as one of the most innovative marketing and travel technology brands. And that innovation isn’t slowing down any time soon. In fact, a new era is just beginning. Over the past two years, we’ve taken bold steps to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and to continue aggressively growing the Avoya Travel Network™.


Often times when companies speak about growth, they are simply referring to size. But at Avoya, our focus is growth in all aspects of what we do. With ambitious goals for growth set for the future, we’re aiming to substantially develop our travel platform to become industry-leading and to support in achieving those targets.


From the beginning, we’ve focused on enriching lives through creating inspiring travel experiences. Avoya has created an innovative travel platform that uses technology to bring human touch back into the vacation planning experience and puts independent travel experts at the forefront. The Avoya platform brings together and generates more Shared Success™ than ever for travelers, travel sellers and suppliers.


3 Generations. 54 Years in Travel. 1 Million+ Travelers in the Past 15 Years.

With deep roots in the industry, our founding family, the Andersons, first started in travel in the 1960s operating a Hawaiian tour company. Founded by the late Pal and Pat Anderson, Avoya remains a family-owned business built on the simple beliefs of family, unity and love of travel. Today, through our pioneering Shared Success model (which would not exist without the passion of our staff, Independent Agency Network and travel partners) Avoya has become one of the world’s leading travel companies that continues to change the way people plan and book vacations.

Avoya Travel Network Company History


The Travel Brand of the Future

The industry is constantly progressing and so are we. Our talented team of ground-breaking thinkers crafted the perfect way to showcase Avoya’s rich heritage and commitment to continuous innovation: an evolution of our brand identity.


As part of Avoya 2025, our seven-year roadmap to becoming the number one vacation platform, this brand evolution aims to build emotional connections with consumers and create powerful vacation planning experiences.


Our evolved brand identity is more than just an updated logo, a new color palette and a more contemporary style, it is meant to represent who we are today and where we are heading. Our new look and feel moves our brand into the future while honoring Avoya’s core values and reflecting the heritage, innovation, integrity, professionalism and passion our brand embodies.


With a new logo system, we’re implementing this updated branding across all aspects of our business to drive more consistency and meaningful interactions across all stakeholder groups.


Honoring the Past

After more than fifty years of innovation and shaping the industry, we set out to create an evolved brand identity that pays homage to the progress we’ve made but continues Avoya’s legacy as an industry leader and positions us for future growth. Though our values stay true to our heritage, we continue to evolve as a company and improve the vacation planning and booking experience for our customers, while helping Avoya Network members find continuous success. We’ve retained the iconic flowerfly to honor our history, but it now has a thoughtfully designed contemporary twist that reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and adaptation.


Riding the momentum from our most successful year yet in 2018 with another record double-digit sales growth year, this exciting brand update will propel us forward into the next phase of the Avoya 2025 roadmap by helping us continue innovating and creating powerful new experiences for users within our platform.


Elevating Travel Advisors

One of the biggest challenges that faces the travel industry today is a poor understanding by consumers of the significant value of travel advisors. Using our refreshed branding, we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to help travelers understand how travel professionals provide incredible value in the vacation planning process and in their overall vacation experience.


With this new system of logos and contemporary branded elements rolled across multiple channels, including our consumer-facing website, email, print and digital marketing, we’ve created a modern and approachable design that evokes an emotional connection and trustworthy feeling.


Avoya is attracting new prospective travelers at record numbers, meaning more selling opportunities for Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network. These new travel-seeking customers are sent exclusively to Independent Agencies through Avoya’s patented technology via the industry’s most successful travel leads program, Live Leads™. Accessible 24/7 via phone, web or mobile app, the optional Live Leads program allows travel professionals to supplement their business and hit the ground running by focusing on what they do best; selling travel and planning dream vacations.


In 2018, Avoya successfully generated over 25% more Live Leads for Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network than ever before. With the focus on improving the customer vacation planning experience, Independent Agencies are finding greater success and seeing an increase in income and bookings.


Here are some examples of how we’re using the Avoya brand refresh to capture the attention of the modern traveler:


Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network also have access to new co-branded and customizable assets, including business cards, marketing materials and merchandise for their independent business and clients.


Let’s Create the Future of Travel Together

Whether you’re a seasoned travel advisor aiming to achieve greater success than ever before or you’re just getting started in the industry, owning and operating your independent travel business has its challenges. You can overcome some of these challenges by affiliating your independent business with a travel network that has industry clout and a long-standing stellar reputation.


Some of the benefits that come with joining a network that produces very high sales volumes with its supplier partners, include:


There are many great travel networks out there that provide varying benefits, so why are more and more travel professionals choosing the Avoya Travel Network over others? Here are just a few deciding factors that we’ve gathered from internal surveys:


We’re looking to the future to become the number one vacation platform with the innovative Avoya 2025 roadmap as our guide – we’re just getting started and the best is yet to come!


Avoya has programs for both experienced travel professionals and entrepreneurs new to the industry. Whether you’re searching for a new host or looking to supplement the offerings of your current host with the programs and resources in the Avoya Travel Network, contact us today at 1-888-320-4670 or visit to learn more.