Your Travel Agency

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Writing By: Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC



Maybe you have already started your own travel business or maybe you are ready to take the dive into the entrepreneurial waters. Where ever you might be in the journey, it is always good to remind ourself of those traits, reasons and the motivation behind our actions. Here are just a few reasons behind our madness!


The Big Picture 


You have the ability to think large and the foresight to look into the future and see the canvas of your business dreams in a full picture mode. Your imagery is large and not small and limiting.


Quest for Knowledge 


You love to learn and keep yourself on the cutting edge of new tricks of the trade. You see continuing education as an investment of time and resources and a priority for your success. You love to read and soak up as much as you can about your serious interests.




If you are a fan of the program Shark Tank, you know exactly what I am referring to. You have to be a courageous and willing to attack your goals to achieve your success. Complacency is not an option.


Hard Work is Fun 


You are not afraid of or unwilling to dig in and work hard. Just skating along is not even fun for a serious entrepreneur. The challenge and determination drives you and you actually love to work hard.


Playing Hard 


On the flipside, you also enjoy playing hard. You realize that your hard work is rewarded by the fact that you can play hard. You make time for yourself and your hobbies and enjoy them to their fullest




Isolation, while can be bothersome at times, does not really  bother you as you are self-motivated and know that you have to be responsible for your destiny. You have also found several ways to stay connected with other colleagues in online forums and social media solutions.


Planning is a Priority 


Thinking ahead and far down the road when you are the boss of your own business is a key element to your success. You have to be able to look well into the future and create your long-term plan. It is equally as important though to have your short-term plan in place. This allows you to stay focused and avoids allowing yourself to get side-tracked.


Fast on Your Feet 


You have to be able to think fast and make needed changes in your business fast if need be. You are it! Be ready to be able to act and move quickly should something require your attention unexpectedly.   Are you someone who takes control over weekend plans and gives direction to all those around you? If so, you’re showing a sign of delegation and leadership. Two key traits that are found in the great entrepreneurs


Time is Golden 


You understand and respect time likely more then many. Your time is clearly one of your most important assets. It is also one of those things that everyone else wants a piece of. Remember to schedule your time like the valuable gift that it is.


Opportunity Junkie 


If you are a true entrepreneur you likely see opportunity in every nook and cranny that others simply overlook. Whether you are on vacation or simply reading the news online, you are likely to see business opportunities and or new things that interest your business mind in just about everyplace. You see new ideas in even the most unlikely situations. It is a gift as long as you think long and hard and evaluate study all angles of the potential goldmine.


While most people despise the idea of doing something new, entrepreneurs embrace it. Entrepreneurs enjoy change when it’s going to result in something better. Welcome to the club!