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ARC’s Memo Manager Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary



ARLINGTON, Va. – August 22, 2017 – Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC), the premier driver of air travel intelligence and commerce in the travel industry, is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of ARC Memo Manager. Developed in 2007, and starting with just over 140 debit memos from one airline, Memo Manager has grown to become the go-to memo management tool for approximately 175 carriers and nearly 7,000 travel agencies. The product processed more than 500,000 debit memos in 2016.


ARC’s Memo Manager opened the door for the concept of online resolution and payment of debit memos through electronic communication, memo actioning, and automated memo processing between airlines and travel agencies. Enabling real-time correspondence between carriers, travel agents and system providers drastically reduced memo processing time and costs industrywide. The need to manually enter data into ARC’s system has been virtually eliminated by the tool, resulting in faster debit memo resolution for all parties and a more productive industry as a whole


“Protravel has developed an all-inclusive solution to streamline debit memo receipt, dispute and payment for our independent travel agents leveraging data from ARC’s Memo Manager. What used to be an all-day manual process, now takes less than two hours, with little manual intervention needed,” said Protravel International Business Process Manager, Carlyn Andre. “The increased transparency into our debit memo trends allows us to pinpoint and resolve issues quicker. We have seen faster submission of disputes to carriers and faster resolution of memos overall.”


Sarah Sager, ARC’s Memo Manager product manager, commented, “By working together, we have continued to devise common solutions that benefit the industry as a whole. By improving transparency into an industry pain point, ARC is striving to continually reduce debit memos and deliver proven solutions to our partners that not only advance, but also unify, the industry to make the work we do better every day.”


Out of its success, ARC designed its well-known Debit Memo Working Group (DMWG), which now consists of 94 carriers, agencies, GDS representatives, and additional industry stakeholders. The DMWG successfully continues the work Memo Manager first set out to do: improve the efficiency of the debit memo process and reduce the volume of invalid memos.


Additional information about Memo Manager is available online.



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The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is the premier driver of air travel intelligence and commerce in the travel industry with leading business solutions, travel agency accreditation services, process and financial management tools and high-quality data. In 2016, ARC settled $86 billion worth of carrier ticket transactions for nearly 7,000 travel agencies with more than 12,000 points of sale. Established in 1984, ARC is an ISO 27001 certified company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with offices in Louisville, Kentucky, Tampa, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico. For more information, please visit and