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All Inclusive Resorts – Royalton Resorts

Written By: Geoff Millar, Ultimate All Inclusive Vacations



Royalton Resorts are sort of the new kids on the block providing up-scale 4 & 5 star resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. Royalton is a division of Blue Diamond Resorts. We will look at their other resorts at a later date.   They are a mixture of brand new resorts and resorts that Royalton took over and did complete makeovers.  They have perfected the art of combining Family Resorts, The Royalton Resorts, with an adult only section, the Hideaway.  This make them perfect for groups, family getaways, and destination weddings where there is a mixture of families looking for activities that cater to all members of the family as well as adults who want to partake of the family activities but would like an adult only section to retire to for the peace and quiet.  


They have resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean with new resorts opening soon.  



In Mexico Royalton has 1 family resort with 3 sections, the Royalton Riviera Cancun, a solid 4 star resort, with their Diamond level and the adult only section, the Hideaway. I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful resort last year.  It was built, brand new, and opened a couple of years ago.  It is a very large resort but is well laid out and easy to reach each section.  This resort, as well as the other Royalton Resorts also have the largest gourmet buffets of any resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.  It is laid out in sections based on the nationality origin of the food being served.  It has an Italian section, an oriental section, a Mexican section, and an American section.  The buffet is located in a large air-conditioned area with plenty of seating to accommodate everyone.  No food sitting outside. It also has a large number of reservation free A la Carte restaurants to choose from, Japanese, a Steakhouse, Italian, Mediterranean, Tex Mex, Caribbean, and a fantastic Sports Pub and grill. For the morning wake-up there is a coffee shop and mouth-watering bakery. 


Enough about food, as far as activities there is a wonderful kid’s area with splash park, Kid’s Club Clubhouse, ages 4-12, and fun with Max and Ruby.  For the teens ages 13 – 17 there is the teen club with movies, games, WiFi, watersports, and a variety of activities all supervised by experienced personnel. 


They do not leave out the adults as far as things to do. Visit the Spa, take a dance lesson, enjoy the nightly entertainment, participate in a number of Watersport, sit by the pool with a good book or just spend time reconnecting with your family. 


Rooms at the resort are all jr Suites providing a wonderful level of luxury including, free WIFI, stocked minibar that is included, rain-head showers, high thread-count linens, 24 hour room service, blue tooth audio stations, and 24 hour concierge service. Your guests can increase the luxury experience with their Diamond level providing private restaurant and bar, private pool, and private beach area. 


For an extra fee of $60 per room clients can log on and preselect the exact room they want. They can do this at any Royalton Resort. 



The Hideaway experience at the Royalton is the adult only section located in a separate wing of the Royalton Resort.  Clients staying at the Hideaway section have the use of both the Royalton section and the Hideaway section. 


Hideaway guests have a separate check-in area as well as a Hideaway level lounge with snacks and top shelf alcohol.  They also have a separate pool and a reserved beach area.  Hideaway rooms have a higher level of amenities.  All rooms at the Hideaway level are Jr. Suites and also have a jacuzzi soaker tub in each room. 


So not only is the Hideaway an adult only section it raises the guests experience to a new level. 



In the Dominican Republic, Royalton, at this time, only has the Family friendly Royalton Punta Cana a 4 star resort.  One of the additions they have planned is to add an adult only Hideaway section to the Royalton Punta Cana. This is scheduled to open Nov. 1st, 2017. 


The Royalton Punta Cana is set on a beautiful beach.  While it does not have a water park of its own, guests of the Royalton Punta Cana have the use of the water park at the Memories Splash Resort right next door, also owned by Blue Diamond Resorts.  This is the largest water park in the Dominican and one of the largest in the Caribbean. 


As far as dining the Royalton Punta Cana has all the restaurants they have at the Royalton Riviera Cancun plus an additional outdoor Italian restaurant and a Seafood restaurant. They also have the large International buffet. Two of the restaurants, the Seafood and the Mexican restaurant are located at the Memories Splash Resort.  Clients at the Royalton have exchange privileges with the Memories Splash Resort.  Keep in mind that the Memories Splash is a lower quality resort than the Royalton. 


As far as activities the Royalton has, with the use of the Memories Splash resort, one of the largest water parks in the Caribbean. They also have the kid’s club and clubhouse, ages 4 – 12 as well as the teen club with games, WIFI, and, hangout area, watersports and supervised activities for teens 13-17.  


All rooms are Jr Suites and contain, free WIFI, high thread-count bedding, 24 hour room service, 24 hour concierge service, Bluetooth audio systems, rain-head showers and satellite TV. You can offer your clients a higher level of service with Royalton’s Diamond Club. Remember the Diamond Club level comes with butler service, private pool and beach area along with a higher level of service and amenities. 


There is a new Royalton planned for the Dominican Republic, the Royalton Bavaro. It is scheduled to open in Jan of 2018. 



St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and it now has a 4 star Royalton Resort, the Royalton Saint Lucia. It is situated in the Castries area just past the point where Pigeon Fort is located. It sits on its own bay right on the ocean. It is close to Rodney Bay where the casino is located. 


Like most Royalton Resorts it has 3 sections. The Family section, the Diamond Club section, and the adult only Hideaway section. 


The Family section offers a variety of activities for the whole family. It has its own small splash pad water park, a kid’s club with games and supervised activities for kids 4-12 years old. For the 13-17 year old, it has a teen’s hang-out with games, activities and watersports, all supervised. 


For the adults, there is a wonderful spa, watersports, cooking and dance lessons and nightly entertainment.  You can also sit by the pool with a drink and a good book or interact with the family. 


All rooms are Jr Suites and come with Free WIFI, high thread-count linens, rain-head showers, Bluetooth audio stations, 24 hour room service and 24 hour concierge service. 


In the Diamond Club sections guests receive upgraded amenities, separate pool and reserved beach locations. You can increase your client’s luxury level with the Diamond Club. 


As far as dining options they have the large International buffet, and the following specialty restaurants. Japanese, Tex-Mex, Italian, West Indies, Chefs Table at an additional charge, and a steakhouse. 



This resort has the adult only Hideaway section providing a separate area where adults can stay in their own area with a private pool, and reserved section on the beach.  They do have the ability to use the whole resort but can retreat to the adult only section when they want to rest and relax.  


All rooms in the Hideaway section are Jr. Suites with Soaker tubs.  Clients in this section enjoy the benefits of the resorts butler service, up-graded amenities and a private lounge. 



On the beautiful island of Jamaica Royalton has three resorts, one a rebuild of the old Starfish Trelawny owned by SuperClubs and the other being a brand new build on the site of the old Grand Lido Negril by SuperClubs and the last a new build next to the Royalton White Sands. 



First let’s look at the Royalton White Sands, the old Starfish resort. Royalton has done a complete rebuild of this resort including adding a fantastic water park. This resort sits just past the Rose Hall Area on the way to Ocho Rios. 


They did a very nice job completely redoing this resort.  The only issue I have is that since the building was made of concrete, it limits the size of the rooms, particularly the standard rooms.  They were kind of small and odd shaped so even though they were totally redone the size and shape remain the same.  The water park and lazy river are terrific additions and were getting lots of use when I was there. The suites were totally redone and were not limited by the main building as there were in a different area closer to the beach. The total rebuild moved this resort from a low 3 star to a low 4 star. The beach is OK but certainly nothing like the beaches in the Negril area. 


The resort is made up of a main high-rise tower and the suites are more low-rise in the area closer to the beach with the pool and water park area in the center. 


As far as activities they do have a kid’s club for kids 4 – 12 yrs. Old with supervised activities and the fantastic water park. 


This resort does not have a teen club but there are enough activities to keep teens active. The last thing a family wants is a bored teenager. 


For the adults, there are a number of activities from cooking classes to dance classes, to the fantastic spa and watersports.  There is also relaxing by the pool with a drink and a good book if you are so inclined. 


As far as dining there are a lot of choices lie the large International buffet, and several no reservation specialty restaurants such as the Italian, Asian, West Indian, steakhouse, Tex Mex, Jamaica snacks, and Mediterranean. They also have a sports bar and pub serving your favorite bar food. At an extra cost, they have a chefs table with limited seating. 


Rooms contain unlimited WIFI, 24 hour room service, 24 hour concierge service, rain-head showers, stocked mini-bar, high thread-count linens.  As I said be careful as the standard rooms are a little on the small side. 


This resort is about ½ hour from the airport but, at this time, does kind of sit by itself. There are more resorts coming to this area. 



This resort sits on the grounds of the former Grand Lido Negril and is a solid 4 star resort.  They completely tore down the old resort and built the new Royalton and Hideaway so, unlike the White sands, there were no building restrictions.  


This resort does not sit on 7 mile beach but is actually located on Bloody Bay, around the point from 7 mile beach and next to the Couple Negril. 


This resort is made up of 3 sections, The Royalton Resort, the Diamond Club, and the adult only section, the Hideaway. 


The Royalton section is the family section with pools and a small splash pad water park.  It contains the majority of the restaurants. And is the center for activities. 


It has a variety of accommodations from standard Jr. Suites to family Jr. Suites.  All Jr. Suites contain free WIFI, 24 hour room service, 24 hour concierge service, rain-head showers, high thread-count linens, Bluetooth audio devices, and stocked mini-bar. 


The second section is the Diamond Club.  This will give your clients a more luxurious experience with up-graded amenities, butler service, exclusive restaurants and bars, private pool and beach area. 


The third section is the adult only Hideaway section with Jr. Suites with soaker tubs, private lounge, separate pool and beach section butler service and upgraded amenities. Clients in this section have access to the whole resort. 


Activities follow the Royalton standards with a kid’s club and supervised activities for kids 4 – 12. A teen Club with games WIFI, supervised activities including watersports. Your clients do not want a bored teenager. Adult activities include various classes, watersports, fantastic spa, and relaxation. The perfect environment to reconnect with the family. 



This is a brand new 4 star Royalton Resort located in the same area as the Royalton White Sands, just past the Rose Hall area on the way to Ocho Rios. It is a smaller resort but still has a full slate of activities and dining options. Clients who stay at Royalton Blue Waters have exchange privileges with the Royalton White Sands and its water park. This resort does have a great lazy river. 


As far as activities the Royalton Blue Waters has a new kids adventure program with supervised adventures for kids of all ages. They also have the standard kid’s club for kids 4-12 years old. There is also a teen club with games supervised activities, WIFI for teens 13- 17. 


Adult activities include a great spa, fantastic pool area as well as watersports, various classes and nightly entertainment. 


Dining options include their famous large International buffet, and a variety of no reservation specialty restaurants including Asian Fusion, A Steakhouse, Italian, Mediterranean, Teppanyaki, Tex Mex, and for an additional cost, the Chef’s table. 


Rooms are all Jr Suites and include 24 hour room service, 24 hour concierge service, rain-head showers, free WIFI, high thread-count linens, stocked mini-bar, and Bluetooth audio systems. 


As with the other resorts the Royalton Blue Waters has their Diamond Club level which enhances clients level of luxury including, butler service, private pool and beach areas, exclusive restaurants and bars, as well as up-graded amenities. 


As we can see Royalton is helping raise the bar as far as upscale all-inclusive resorts, offering our clients even more choices for that luxury all-inclusive experience. 


Stay tuned, next month we will review another fantastic all-inclusive resort chain.