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Written By: Geoff Millar, Ultimate All Inclusive Vacations



This month we are going to start looking at All-Inclusive Resort Chains and Resorts. The first one we will look at is AM Resorts. AM Resorts touts that they are in 6 countries, 52 resorts, with 13 more in development bringing the total to 65 resorts by 2019 with 100 resorts either built or under development by 2020, and they have 6 Vacation Styles. AM Resort do not require wristbands and they do not require reservations for dining.


They are broken into the following 6 vacation styles. Adults Only, Family, Active Family, Active Adult Only with a party atmosphere, High-end Small Boutique, and their Family Mid-Level Entry Product.


The six countries where AM resorts are currently located are, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, and Curacao. AM resorts plans to expand to St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas, along with continued growth in their existing locations.


An interesting fact is that like a lot of resort chains, AM resorts do not own any of the resorts. The way they operate is they decide on a location, locate outside investors who put up the money to design and build the resorts using a set of basic criteria and design help from AM Resorts. AM Resort then maintains the management contracts for the resorts guaranteeing a consistent level of quality.


Many large chains, Marriott and Hilton to name a couple operate in the same manner either owning none or just a few of their properties. Some take it a step further by not even managing the properties but leasing the name and providing a set of management rules to the hotels management team. To maintain the naming rights these hotels, must strictly adhere to the management rules.


AM Resorts Adult only product is the Secrets Resorts. There are currently 15 Secrets resorts located in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. These are adult only resorts that offer both 2 bed suites or king bed suites. It is important to determine if your client is looking for and Adult only resort or a Couples only resort. A Couples only resort controls this by only providing only king beds in each room. Each resort does cater to 2 main audiences, Romantic and Social, while still maintaining a consistently high level of quality in all aspects of the resort. It is important to know which clientele each resort caters to in order to provide the correct experience for each client.


AM Resorts active adult only with a party atmosphere is the Breathless Resorts. This is a relatively new concept in resorts. In the past, the majority of Adult Only Resorts tended to cater to the more romantic crowd but no-one in the all-inclusive world was catering to the more active party atmosphere crowd. It has been so successful that AM Resorts has just opened their 4th Breathless resort in Jamaica. The nice thing about Breathless is that they have designed the resorts into 3 separate sections. The Xhale Club is the quiet section providing upscale accommodations and full concierge service. This section is great for clients who what to participate in the party fun but want a nice quiet section to retreat to when you want some quiet alone time. The second section is the Energy center. This is where the majority of the public spaces are located and is a great place to mix and mingle with outstanding restaurants and bars. It has its own more active pool and club. It has wonderful upscale accommodations but without the concierge service. The third section is the most active and is the party section and is called appropriately the Party Zone. This section is the party hardy until you drop section again, with its own very active pool. The rooms in this section are also very nice and upscale but also without the concierge services. All sections have been uniquely separated but are open to all clients staying at the resort providing really 3 resorts in one depending on your activity level. Currently there are 4 Breathless Resorts with another one in the planning stages. They are located in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.


The next all-inclusive resort type offered at AM Resorts are the Dreams Resorts. These resorts are great for couples but also cater to families in a unique upscale environment providing something for everyone and every age from the young to the young at heart. Upscale accommodations, a variety of mouthwatering dining options, and activities for every age group. They are great for family reunions or what is known in the industry as multi-generational vacations These resorts all sit on beautiful beaches. They have amenities like fantastic Spas, fine dining, and activities for the older crowd as well as Kids and Teen clubs for the younger members of the families. Dreams resorts are ideal for Destination Weddings providing a romantic environment for the bride and groom and something for the guests of all ages. The Dreams Kids Clubs are not just a babysitting service but a place where kids can learn, play, explore and participate in educational activities all in a supervised environment, providing some guilt free alone time for mom and dad. There are currently 14 Dreams Resorts located in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Panama.


The second type of Family all-inclusive resorts in the AM resorts family are the NOW Resorts. These are patterned, in a fashion, after the Dreams resorts but cater to the slightly older family with teens and tweens. They provide a more active environment with activities for the adults and for the slightly older children. They are also located on some fabulous beaches. There are a lot of activities for the adults and a lot for the Tweens and Teens, especially at night. So, look at the NOW Resorts as Dreams Resorts with a slightly elevated activity level especially for the older kids. They still have upscale accommodations, Excellent dining options, and set in beautiful beach locations. There are currently 6 NOW Resorts located in Mexico and the Dominican Republic


The next Resort type in the AM Resort family are the Zoetry Resorts. These resorts are a completely unique product. They are very upscale boutiques style resorts that incorporate a wellness program in their offerings. They are a perfect fit for that busy, hectic life, executive or couple that just want to get away to a beautiful beach location to unwind and relax. A secondary market has emerged for these resorts and that is the destination wedding market. The Zoetry Resorts are small enough that the wedding parties can occupy the whole resort for that upscale unique destination wedding experience. The Zoetry Resorts all sit on beautiful beaches and they all provide impeccable service as well as top notch accommodations and dining opportunities. There are currently 4 Zoetry Resorts located in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica with another 2 in the planning stages. I do have to tell you that children are allowed at Zoetry Resorts but they do not cater to children, have no children activities, and all children will be charged the adult rate. This came about, only, because the owner of the Zoetry resorts likes to bring his children when he vacations there.


The final AM Resorts product is their entry level resort chain, the Sunscape Resorts. This is AM Resorts mid-level resort choice providing a very nice all-inclusive experience for the budget minded traveler. The resorts are located in excellent locations and on great beaches. They have incorporated some features that enhance the experience for families. Like all the AM Resorts they do not require wristbands or reservations for dining. They provide red carpet treatment for the children with kid friendly check-in at the resort as well as welcome gifts for the children, and a special resort passport. All this in a budget friendly way. There are currently 9 Sunscape Resorts and they are located in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Curacao.


We have now completed our tour of the AM resort family. You would be hard pressed to not be able to find an AM resort that fit your client’s requirements.


Next month we will look at another great all-inclusive resort chain.


Until then, happy travels and good selling.