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Alaska and Caribbean Visitor Experiences Boosted by New Partnership Huna Totem Corporation and Chukka Caribbean Holdings Ltd. enter game-changing MOU

Juneau, Alaska/Montego Bay, Jamaica – Huna Totem Corporation, an award-winning Native Village Corporation in Alaska with operations in Hoonah, Whittier and Juneau, and Chukka Caribbean Holdings Ltd., an enterprising tour operator working across five Caribbean countries, have signed a trailblazing Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop, promote, and expand port development and shore excursion touristic attractions throughout the Caribbean and Alaska.

Together, the organizations will efficiently expand in two of the cruise industry’s most demanding regions. The guest-centric, “home-grown” businesses have a natural interest in the responsible evolution of port developments and landside tour attractions across the Caribbean and Alaska given their strong values, integrity and collective passion for delivering world-class experiences. Working cooperatively accelerates the creation of new tourism products in both markets.

“Building economic strength for our Native communities is why I get up inspired every day. This MOU is game changing for underserved communities in Alaska and the Caribbean.” said Russell Dick, President and CEO of Huna Totem Corporation. “The agreement extends our creativity, the strength of our teams, and relies on each other’s experience, but most importantly, our efforts will benefit our communities. Huna Totem is proud to partner with Chukka Caribbean Holdings.”

Both Chukka and Huna Totem’s development principles are culturally shaped. In Alaska, Huna Totem’s aboriginal ties to Glacier Bay profoundly define the economic and sustainable decision-making process in its tourism industry initiatives. Chukka’s attractions from Jamaica to Belize are built upon local history, culture, and job creation for the communities they serve. The alignment of values, inspiration, and their proven track record promises to enhance cross-region tour and port development prospects.

“Chukka is thrilled to partner with Huna Totem and to explore opportunities in Alaska and the Caribbean,” said Chukka Caribbean Holdings CEO Marc Melville. “Our shared values and commitment to quality, sustainability and guest satisfaction make us a natural fit, and we look forward to working together to create exceptional experiences for visitors.”

With the MOU in place, Huna Totem and Chukka are actively seeking opportunities to bring their combined experience to communities looking for port development and tourism growth.


About Huna Totem Corporation

Formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA), Huna Totem Corporation represents more than 1,560 Alaska Native shareholders with Indigenous ties to the community of Hoonah, Alaska, and Glacier Bay. Since opening Icy Strait Point in 2004, it has welcomed over 2 million cruise travelers and is the single largest employer in the community of Hoonah. Huna Totem’s port model is globally recognized and has received numerous awards, including Seatrade’s Global Port of the Year in 2020, and is #11 on the New York Times 2022 Top 52 Places for a Changed World. In addition to tourism, Huna Totem maintains operations in federal contracting, natural resources, and commercial real estate.


About Chukka Caribbean Holdings Ltd.

Chukka Caribbean Holdings is the largest adventure tourism company in the Caribbean celebrating its 40th year of operation, offering more than 60 tours including zipline, ATV, horseback riding and catamaran adventures across five Caribbean countries.