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Airacer Launches Two New Platforms To Make Booking Private Air Travel A Breeze 

Airacer Launches Two New Platforms — Airacer Pro™ and  Airacer Air Taxi™ —To Make Booking Private Air Travel A Breeze 

Leading Private Aviation Company Revolutionizes Industry

With On-Demand Charter Flights


NEW YORK (September 16, 2021) – Airacer, the leading online platform for private aviation experiences, today announced the launch of two new web applications for booking private charter flights — Airacer Pro™ and Airacer Air Taxi™. Each mobile-friendly site offers a one-stop shop to seamlessly book long-haul or short-haul flights.


“In recent years, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a rising demand for private charter flights,” said Airacer CEO Wen Wang. “However, we noticed the industry was missing a digital solution that made it easy for consumers to compare pricing and availability from multiple operators on one platform. Airacer solves this dilemma by offering an online booking engine for private charters that is not limited by memberships and hidden fees.”

Airacer Pro™ completely revolutionizes how private charters are booked making it simpler than ever to search and secure options. An online dashboard allows the user to easily navigate and interact with the site. They can connect directly with operators via chat; search for flights by their city of departure, destination, preferred date and time; and immediately receive a list of available aircrafts and price estimates. From there, the user can submit booking requests directly to the operator and will receive a quote within 24 hours with no hidden fees.  Most importantly, users and operators can complete the entire contracting and booking process without any tedious emails and phone calls.


Unlike traditional booking engines, Airacer Pro™ utilizes a location-based interface that allows the user to compare prices from a variety of operators all within a specific range of the user’s location granting them access to a global on-demand marketplace right from the palm of their hand. Airacer Pro’s seamless booking experience allows private air travelers to search and charter empty leg flights, and view real-time map data that pinpoints the location and availability of specific aircraft from light and mid-size jets to heavy jets, and more. Standout features include:

  • Location-Based Booking: From the booking page users can search for flights based on their departure, destination and desired date and travel time. Users can also filter the search results by safety rating, aircraft category, and whether fuel stops are required.

  • Empty Leg Bookings: Users will have access to real-time information on available empty leg flights anywhere in the world allowing those with flexible travel plans to take advantage of competitive rates.

  • Cost Estimator: Customers who have not yet solidified their travel plans but are looking to get a cost estimate for a private charter to a specific destination can use this feature to generate a market price estimate range for any route.

  • Aircraft Search: Most operators only provide results by jet sizes but Airacer Pro provides results by specific aircraft. Available for the seasoned charter customer with discerning tastes and specific needs, the aircraft search feature allows the user to identify which types of aircrafts are available in specific locations and to view images of an aircraft’s exterior, interior and floor plan.

  • In-app contracting and booking: Unlike traditional systems, Airacer Pro generates quotes, contracts and itinerary sheets automatically for both users and operators. Airacer Pro expedites the booking procedure even further by grating electronic signatures on contracts/quotes within the system and allowing users to make payments online once the contract is signed.


Airacer Air Taxi™ is an on-demand aviation ride-hailing platform where users can book short-haul, private charters at fairly affordable prices within the contiguous United States. With an interface similar to that of a ride-hailing service, users can select their departure city and arrival destination as well as their preferred date and time for travel to quickly and easily gain access to a list of available Air Taxi services with accurate price quotes. Once the user chooses their preferred aircraft and submits a booking request, they will receive a confirmation, flight itinerary, and pertinent details. All the user needs to do once this is done is show up at the airport 15-minutes prior to their flight with a valid ID. More importantly, Airacer Air Taxi will be one of the only platforms to offer guests the opportunity to book electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, which are the future of urban transportation, and use electric power to hover, take off, and land vertically.


For more information about Airacer, please visit If you’re looking to book a charter flight with Airacer Pro, please register at and if you’d like to use Airacer’s Air Taxi service please visit



About Airacer 

Airacer is a cloud-based SaaS and B2B2C company specializing in the aviation industry. It is the leading one-stop platform for private aviation, specializing in flight private aviation experiences. The company leverages its high-quality data and artificial intelligence-based system to best suit customers’ different flight needs. Founded in New York in 2015, Airacer’s mission is to revolutionize the private aviation industry through the introduction of digital solutions that streamline booking processes. Partnering with DOT/FAA licensed air carriers and prestigious flight operators, Airacer provides clients with the most convenient and reliable private flight services.


Since its launch in 2015, Airacer has been working effortlessly to bring private aviation closer to clients all over the world by making flying accessible and affordable. With unlimited access to a worldwide network of aircraft, clients can enjoy the most tailored and cost-effective services no matter where they are based. For more information, please visit


Airacer does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.