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Acapulco: A Family-friendly Summer Vacation

Acapulco: A Family-friendly Summer Vacation

Mexico’s original beach destination features a variety of options to please family travelers


Acapulco, Mexico. April 23, 2021.- Families ready to start planning their summer post-pandemic escape should consider Acapulco. The destination, set around a crescent-shaped bay and framed by the lush green mountains of the Sierra Madre, offers 13 miles of beaches, and a unique mix of experiences that will cater to every family’s preferences and budget.


With a wide variety of outdoor and nature-driven activities available year-round, families traveling to Acapulco can start building their destination itinerary while considering some of the following experiences:


  • La Quebrada Cliff Divers: Acapulco’s most iconic attraction, watch as these daredevils   plunge from the 136-feet high cliff. While the show is free, and anyone can watch it, glam up and so while having a cocktail at restaurant La Perla, which overlooks the cliffs and provides a first-class sea to the show.
  • La Roqueta Island: A protected natural reserve perfect for reconnecting with nature, this small island on the Acapulco bay is a snorkeler’s paradise. Those looking for a scenic hike will find several trails apt for all expertise levels.
  • Tres Palos Lagoon: This exotic ecosystem just a few miles from Acapulco is a must-see for its combination of flora and fauna, especially its rich diversity of birds who call this watery paradise home. Wildflowers, lily pads and an array of animals await visitors on this unique nature outing.
  • Xtasea: Experience the longest over water zipline in the world. An experience combining adrenaline, adventure, and fun, XTASEA crosses the Bay of Puerto Marqués and spans over a mile long reaching 75 mph at an altitude of 328 feet.
  • XMonkey: Those looking for a thrill can enjoy XMonkey’s rope course, a family friendly activity available for children ages 5 and up as well as adults. The ropes circuit has with three different routes varying in difficulty, and heights that range from 10 to 75 feet.
  • Botanical Garden: This charming oasis provides a serene escape from the city’ buzzing life. There are footpaths leading to the top of the mountain with a scenic overview of the Acapulco Bay, and an elevator is available if the climb proves too tiring.
  • Bike rides on the Paseo del Pescador: The boardwalk’s bike road runs 500 yards along Acapulco’s Avenida Costera and parallel to the Manzanillo beach. It’s a great way to see the Traditional Acapulco while enjoying the warm ocean breeze.
  • Horseback riding excursions: Pie de la Cuesta and Barra Vieja zones in Acapulco offer horseback on the beach and venturing into palm tree forests. There are tours available for all expertise levels, from skilled equestrian to amateur riders, providing an opportunity to experience the destination in a different way.
  • Fishing: The port offers an assortment of vessels available for chartered trips to the Acapulco, or the open Pacific waters for deep sea fishing. Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Sailfish and Snapper are plentiful in the water surrounding Acapulco, and for those not interested in reeling in fish, the bot trip offers ample opportunities for snorkeling, swimming of just enjoying a day under the sun.
  • Coyuca Lagoon: One of Acapulco’s best kept secrets, the possibilities Coyuca offers are endless. From a boat ride along the mangroves, a visit to one of its virgin islands with exuberant vegetation, or the option of practicing water ski, SUP paddle board or kayaking. After a day of exploring this natural paradise, don’t miss the spectacular sunsets in the Pie de la Cuesta beach, on a thin strip of land that separates the fresh water lagoon from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Gastronomy: Travelers will find no shortage of dining options in Acapulco. From the traditional “Pescado a la Talla” served seaside along Barra Vieja’s informal restaurants, to top-notch international cuisine and restaurants led by some of Mexico’s most recognized chefs, Acapulco is a foodie’s paradise.


In terms of accommodations, with over 20,00yahooyah0 hotel rooms, the city has something for every taste and every budget. From private villas nestled in the cliffs, to expansive hotels on the beach, the new and the classic come together in Acapulco ensuring a hotel option to match each family.


Acapulco combines outdoor adventure, fun in the sun, and sensational options for total relaxation for families to plan the summer of a lifetime. For more information, visit




About Acapulco


Mexico’s original beach destination, Acapulco is located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, on the Pacific Coast. Situated on a deep bay with sunshine, balmy temperatures and warm seas year-round, its golden beaches are ideal for relaxing, swimming and enjoying an array of water sports, while the city itself offers history, culture and legendary glamour. The landmark Fort of San Diego dates to the colonial era, and the fully restored, star-shaped fortress, is home to the acclaimed Acapulco Historic Museum. La Quebrada is the place to watch Acapulco’s world-famous cliff divers, whose daring feats are as popular – and thrilling –  today as they were 82 years ago. Acapulco has a dynamic dining scene, whose innovative chefs combine Mexican culinary traditions with global inspiration when preparing the finest Pacific seafood complemented with fresh and local ingredients. All of this and more make Acapulco the must-visit beach destination in Mexico.

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