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3 Things You Didn’t Know Travel Insurance Can Cover This Winter Storm Season

Things You Didn't Know Travel Insurance Can Cover This Winter Storm Season

The first major winter storm of the season continues to strike the Northeast on the heels of Thanksgiving travel week. More than 50 million people are still feeling the impacts of the storm, as a state of emergency has been declared and heavy snowfall causes school closures, traffic incidents, canceled flights and power outages.


Snow-Caused Traffic Pileups and Road Closures 


Reports of road closures and thousands of traffic accidents have spiked as snowfall buries the Northeast United States. Travel insurance policies can provide coverage for traffic delays related to winter storms, including:


  • If public roadways are closed because of snow or an accident obstructing the road, preventing travelers from reaching the airport


  • If a traveler is involved in an accident on the way to the airport


However, simply not wanting to drive in ice or snow is not covered, travelers must be prevented from reaching the airport.


Cancellation for Snow Damage or Power Outages, Home and Away


Over 50,000 people lost power for days due to this winter storm. Travel insurance policies can provide coverage to cancel your trip if your destination is rendered uninhabitable due to a power outage or damage caused by snowfall. Travelers can even have coverage to cancel a trip to take care of their home if it becomes damaged by winter conditions.


School Closures Threaten Future Trips


Dozens of schools have called for closures and early dismissals due to winter storms. As a result, holiday breaks may be shortened or the school year may be extended to make up missed days. With winter break around the corner, family holiday vacation plans may be in jeopardy, but certain policies can provide cancellation coverage in the event an extended school year runs into pre-planned travel.


In any event, a travel insurance policy must be purchased before a winter storm is named in order to receive insurance benefits relating to the storm.


Squaremouth is updating the Winter Storm Travel Insurance Information Center with information for travelers whose trips are affected by Winter Storms this holiday season.


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