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25 Travel Gadgets You Need to Have – Recommenced by Travel Professionals

Written By: Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC, Co-founder and Editor – Travel Professional NEWS®


We reached out to you, the Travel Agents, asking for your suggestions and tips for some of the best travel gadgets that you use and recommend to your clients. We had some great suggestions and I have already purchased several of them to use for my own travels!


Thanks to all the members of The Travel Professional Community who shared your great ideas for this article. If you are reading this and have some more suggestions and tips, please feel free to post them in the ongoing thread by visiting and searching for the


Electronic Gadgets Recommended by Travel Agents:

  • 7 Watt 110 Volt Night-light for dark bathrooms
  • Noise Cancelling Ear Buds – Recommendation “Bose Sleep Buds”
  • Digital Clock
  • Travel Sized Wireless Router with USB Media Port – Recommended “HooToo Wireless Travel Router”
  • 6 Outlet Power Cord with short cable or Extension Cord
  • Multiport USB Charger
  • Travel Door Alarm – Recommendation “Lewis & Clark Travel Door Alarm”
  • Travel Adaptor – Recommendation “Travel Adapter Uppel Dual USB”
  • Cell Phone Power Bank(s)
  • Memory Cards Camera – one for each day of the trip
  • Electronics Organizer to organize cables and portable electronic accessories


Packing & Organizing Essentials Recommended by Travel Agents:

  • Magnetic Hooks will stick to most walls for extra hanging options
  • Compressible Hanging Shelf – Recommendation “Compressible Hanging Packing Shelfll”
  • Vacuum Compression Clothing Bags
  • Hanging Travel Bag – fits in carryon – Recommendation “Myrume Hanging Travel Bag”
  • Shoe Bags – to easily pack shoes in luggage
  • Travel Pillow – Recommendation “Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow”
  • Digital Scales for easily weighing luggage
  • Valet Tray Organizers to organize small items in hotel rooms or staterooms
  • Travel Cubes for organized and efficient packing
  • Portable Personal Safe – Recommendation “Master Lock 5900”
  • Locking Beach Bags to secure belongings on lounge chairs – Recommendation “Kyss Locking Beach Bags”
  • Plastic Zipper Toiletry TSA Approved carry-on liquids bag
  • Travel Luggage Tags with Key Ring – Recommendation “Pixno Travel Luggage Tags”
  • Travel Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap Packets – TSA Compliant Recommendation “Sink Suds”