Selling Cruises: Don’t Miss the Boat!


Published: April 2024


Authored By: 

Tom Ogg

Joanie Ogg CTC, MCC

Andy Ogg, CTIE



If your plan is to get into the exploding cruise industry and cash in on specializing in the cruise market, “Selling Cruises, Don’t Miss the Boat!” is the book for you! This book was written as a sequel to “How to Start A Home Based Travel Agency” and is written to supplement the information found in the first book. This book is essential for anyone selling cruises and contains everything needed to get started.


This book offers you easy to understand details on how to sell cruises most effectively. It takes all of the guesswork out of the process and it will help you on your way without any lost effort by showing you exactly how to go about it. “Selling Cruises, Don’t Miss the Boat!” gives you all of the secrets that will get you well underway to establishing your own successful cruise niche travel business.

You will discover:

  • How to cash in on the booming cruise industry
  • Understand the cruise product in its entirety and focus on the types of cruises you want to sell
  • How to develop your client files and cruise selling file
  • How to properly sell from a cruise brochure
  • How to manage your cruise clientele effectively
  • How to automate your cruise business
  • How to market your cruise business with newsletters, promotions, advertising, social media and many other ways

Selling Cruises, Don’t Miss the Boat!” was first written in 2001 and has been updated several times. This edition is completely current and demonstrates the fabulous opportunity that the cruise industry offers travel professionals looking to specialize in the cruise market.

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