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Beyond the Beach: Grupo Xcaret Invites Travelers to Know the Multifaceted Cancun

Beyond the Beach: Grupo Xcaret Invites Travelers to Know the Multifaceted Cancun

Nature, Culture, Gastronomy and more; Grupo Xcaret shows there’s more to Cancun than what meets the eye 


Riviera Maya, November 12, 2019 – When talking about Cancun, fine beaches and a vivid party scene are usually top of mind, but there are many other reasons why the multifaceted destination should be acclaimed a Mexican hotspot. From thrilling adventures to awe inspiring nature settings, culturally-driven experiences, trips down Mexican history and diverse cuisine options, Grupo Xcaret’s nine parks and tours offer more than 100 diverse attractions that promise an unparalleled vacation in Cancun, far away from the beach.


Here are some off-the-beachy path experiences that every traveler to Cancun should know:


  • Adventure: Plenty of options await at Xcaret Adventure parks for thrill-seeking travelers of every level visiting Cancun. For example, guests can conquer the most visited zip-line in the world, ride amphibious vehicles through the Mayan jungle, or take an unforgettable dip in an underground river at Xplor Park. When darkness falls, Xplor park becomes Xplor Fuego, the perfect place for adrenaline junkies to experience fun-filled activities with an added fire component. For adventure enthusiasts, Xavage Park is guaranteed to put guests to the test on land, water and even in the air. From whitewater rafting to rock crawling through an obstacle course and crossing through a circuit of ropes, Xavage provides exciting experiences for the whole family to enjoy.


  • Nature: Located throughout Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Grupo Xcaret’s nature parks and tours, especially those in the Xcaret Leaders category, aim to highlight the environment and many of the attractions are reflective of the sentiment. Xel-ha, the brand’s only water park is a natural wonder that provides travelers experiences filled with splashing memories. From snorkeling through a kaleidoscope of funky, tropical fish and other marine species in its cove and cenotes, to cliff jumping and swimming in natural rivers, Xel-ha is the epitome of nature-inspired fun. Moreover, Xcaret, the brand’s most emblematic park, is home to an animal hospital and a variety of animal species, including sea turtles, birds and horses. The park also offers interactive experiences for visitors to see these animals up close and learn about them.


  • Culture: Culture is at the forefront of the Cancun experience and Grupo Xcaret leads the way with offerings that promote and celebrate the very best of Mexican rich culture. Xcaret features decor and activities inspired by Mayan culture and traditions. A further testament to the cultural influence at Xcaret, the park hosts yearly events including the Festival of Life and Death Traditions, which celebrates the notorious Day of the Dead holiday, and the  Sacred Mayan Journey, a recreation of an ancient Mayan tradition where canoers, also known as Messengers of the Moon, departed from Xcaret’s Caleta beach to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel. For a different kind of cultural experience, travelers can head to Xoximilco, a night attraction part of the Xcaret Entertainment category that pays homage to Mexican culture through food, drinks, live music, dancing and games representative of several Mexican states.


  • History: When in Mexico, do as Mexicans. History plays a crucial role in the Mexican experience and Cancun is no exception. Through Xcaret Expeditions, Grupo Xcaret offers numerous tours to archaeological and cultural sites, and historic cities in the Yucatan peninsula. These include the Xichen tour around the Chichén Itzá pyramid, a trip around the ancient Mayan city of Cobá, which grants travelers access to climb Nohoch Muul, the tallest pyramid in the region, and a guided tour around Tulum, one of Mexico’s most important walled cities built on the seashore. Moreover, Grupo Xcaret’s Xenotes tour invites guests to experience the four types of cenotes sacred to the Mayans that abound throughout Yucatan peninsula, each named after a different nature element – fire, wind, water and earth.


  • Gastronomy: Cancun sets the stage for a culinary journey like no other through Mexico and beyond. Declared an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO, Mexican gastronomy takes center stage at Grupo Xcaret parks and tours. Mole, CevicheChalupas, Sopes, Cochinita pibil, chiles rellenos, are just a few of the authentic Mexican dishes found at the parks. Worth noting, Xoximilco features a gastronomy tour inside a trajinera – a traditional Mexican float-bottom boat adorned with flowershighlighting cuisine unique to different Mexican states, including Oaxaca, Vallarta and Yucatan. Lastly, for travelers seeking interactive experiences surrounding food, Xcaret park offers workshops where guests can create authentic Mexican tortillas, coconut, chocolate and coffee, making the perfect souvenir for a multifaceted trip to Cancun.



Grupo Xcaret Parks and Tours


Grupo Xcaret Parks and Tours are a benchmark for sustainable recreation in Mexico and around the world. The parks and tours specialize in offering visitors unique and unforgettable experiences, through unparalleled products and services that highlight the best of Mexico and are respectful of the environment. Grupo Xcaret is the leader in sustainable and socially responsible tourism in the Mexican Caribbean. Operating since 1990, Xcaret, the original park, contains more than 40 attractions surrounded by the jungle, coves and underground rivers. It offers exciting shows, as well as cultural activities that promote Mexican traditions. The other parks and tours are: Xel-Ha, an ecotourism aquatic park; Xplor and Xplor Fuego, parks featuring ziplines, ATVs and underground rives; Xenses, a sense-themed amusement and activities park; Xoximilco, an attraction that pays homage to Mexican culture, traditions and gastronomy; Xichen, a tour to archaeological and cultural sites in the Yucatan peninsula, including the Chichén Itzá pyramid;  Xenotes, a nature tour in the Mexican jungle to visit cenotes; and Xavage, the latest addition to the Grupo Xcaret portfolio, an adventure park set to open in the summer of 2019. This year, four of Grupo Xcaret’s eco-friendly parks and tours, Xplor, Xoximilco, Xenotes and Xichen, have been recognized on TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame as a result of being awarded the Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years.